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Yellow warnings of rain and wind speeds of up to 50mph expected as Storm Brendan arrives in Crawley

Today is possibly not the best day to be out and about.



As Storm Brendan approaches Crawley expect lots of strong wind and plenty of rainfall throughout the day.

With only a brief relief from the rain expected around 11am and to last only an hour there are heavier showers expected throughout the afternoon.

Wind speeds are expected to increase throughout the day reaching expected speeds of 50mph by around 5pm and increasing into the evening.

While temperatures will average around 10 degrees C throughout the day it is the wind that will make it feel around only 7 degrees C.

Last night several areas around Crawley were hit badly by the high wind with even a large tree coming down on the slip road from Crawley Ave to Balcombe Road.

Video by Paul Callaway

Police and road agencies have said that motorists need to take extra care and look out for any debris that may get blown across roads.


Police respond to reports of anti-social behaviour including a fire in and around Tilgate Park, Crawley



Police are responding to reports of anti-social behaviour in Tilgate Park, Crawley. 

Officers have received numerous reports of anti-social behaviour and inconsiderate parking in the vicinity of the park. 

An investigation is underway following a fire in nearby Gainsborough Road on Monday, 18 May. The fire brigade attended around 4.20pm and found there had been a suspected deliberate ignition to some rubber matting in a children’s play area.

Acting Sergeant Steve Lambeth, of the local Prevention team, said:

“The vast majority of people visiting Tilgate Park are doing so in a respectful manner while adhering to government guidelines. 

“It’s a shame that a small number of individuals are spoiling it for everyone else by behaving in an anti-social way.

“To ensure the park can continued to be enjoyed by the local community, we are working closely with Crawley Borough Council to take action on anti-social behaviour and those congregating in large groups – putting themselves and others at risk. Working with the Community Wardens from the council and their Civil Enforcement officers, we have stepped up our patrols in the area.

“We are aware that there has been a number of posts on local social media sites discussing the issues being experienced and we would urge anyone with information to please report it directly to us or the council so that we can investigate appropriately. You can report incidents to the police online or by calling 101″.

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