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Would-be cyclists ‘urged’ to use new COVID pop-up lanes as County Council releases rare ‘caught-on-camera’ moment



No your eyes are not deceiving you and this is not a photoshopped image!

It is potentially one of the rarest moment to have been captured on camera in Crawley in…well quite a while.

In a press release by West Sussex County Council, promoting the new pop-up cycleway in Crawley – you know the one that is causing more harm than good, they attached one of the rarest sightings – a cyclist using the very lane the majority of locals have come to hate.

Forgetting the fact that the cyclist isn’t wearing a helmet there should be rejoice that such an event has been witnessed and hopeful that this will lead to many more taking to their bikes and utilising this most pointless of installations.

But jokes aside it is with bewilderment that such a release was sent out in the first place.


For only weeks have passed since an online petition opposing the lanes was launched locally which to this date has gained over 4,000 signature.

In retrospect, another petition in favour of them has only amassed less than 200 signatures.

So why isn’t the county council already realising the opinion?

Simple, they are actually not interested in opinion on it, for when you read through the release what they really want to know is how many people are using it – not whether we like it there or not.

The statement reads:

“The cycleway routes are the result of collaborative work with the district and borough councils. Once fully installed and open, we will be encouraging would-be cyclists to experience the cycleways for themselves. This will be the chance for people to show how much they want the cycleway to stay.

The schemes will be closely monitored to see how well used they are and any positive or negative impacts on congestion, safety and air quality. Adjustments will be considered and, if any of them do not work, they may be removed.”

So to be clear, what they have not said is to comment on how much we all love them – how much we enjoy having to navigate roads which were already congested and narrow but which are now even worst.

What they want to know is whether anyone will actually be using it and then what the figure will relate to overall.

Does anyone want to let them know what we already know about this or shall we just leave the time-wasting politics to eat into our taxes once more.

I’ll let you decide.

Henry Smith

‘Stop needless suffering of live animal exports’ says Crawley MP



In his article this week Crawley MP Henry Smith shows his support for Animal Welfare.

‘I am often contacted by Crawley residents who want to see our nation provide greater animal welfare protections, particularly given the opportunities in this regard upon exiting the European Union’s single market.

As a Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare and a Patron of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, I wholeheartedly agree.

One key area of opportunity is to stop needless suffering of live animals which are being exported for slaughter.

Along with parliamentary colleagues I have campaigned on this issue for some years, with successive UK governments not able to tackle the issue due to the constraints of EU membership.

With the end of the Brexit transition on the horizon, it is right that this Government is looking to the future. The Environment Secretary has launched a consultation aiming to ban live animal exports.

In addition to reducing the risk of potentially severe harms faced by animals being transported due to injury and maltreatment, this would also mean that these animals will no longer have to rely on the welfare laws of other countries, which may fall short of the standards expected in the UK.

Ministers are also consulting on proposals to ensure improvements to animal welfare in transport such as reduced maximum journey times, more space for animals and tighter rules on transporting animals in extreme temperatures.

The Government consultation ‘Improvements to animal welfare in transport’ is open until 28th January 2021. Please click here for more information and to make a submission.’

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

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