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Workers in Crawley rate their relationship with their boss at only 6.6/10, survey reveals

If you find yourself arriving home after a long day at work only to spend a solid 10 minutes ranting about your boss, you’re not alone.



A new study has revealed that on average, employees in Crawley rate their relationship with their bosses at just 6.6 out of 10, on par with the rest of the UK’s workers; and employers here said they rate their relationships with employees at 6.4 out of 10 – below the national average. 

The research, conducted by background checking technology experts, PASS, found striking regional variations: when compared across the UK, the study found that employees in the South West scored their relationships highest in the country with an overall rating of 7 out of 10.

Opposingly, those in the North West voted these connections as just 6 out of 10, the lowest ranking in the UK. 

For healthcare workers, the figure is even lower – a mere 3.8/10 – but if you’re in the IT sector, your boss might be doing something right as IT employees rated their relationship with their employer at 7.3/10.

In comparison and perhaps unsurprisingly, employers nationwide voted their relationships at slightly a higher average than their employees, 6.8 out of 10.

To see how the rest of the UK compares, check out PASS’s interactive map here: 

Employers could be doing more to get workers on their side – only 1 in 10 employees socialise with their colleagues outside of work. On top of this, only 1/3 believe their employer does enough to keep spirits high in the workplace, but bosses seemed to be complacent with 48% of them thinking they are doing enough to boost morale. 

PASS also asked workers who had been with their company for a number of years about why they stayed.

Happy workers are more likely to remain at their companies for many years: 32% percent said it was down to having a decent wage and 21% attributed their long term commitment to having trustworthy relationships with colleagues. 14% said there were career progression opportunities; 11% said it was because their office was in a convenient location; 11% said it was down to the good and flexible hours, and the last 11% said employee benefits and incentives were the key to their long-term employment.

PASS also asked employees if background checks would make them feel more trusting of their team – 65% answered ‘yes’. It also found that 75% of workers think background checks should be compulsory before anyone is hired to a position. 

“A good employee-employer relationship is critical for the culture and success of a business or brand. These survey results show there is an unfortunate discrepancy between how employers and employees rate their relationship.”said Luke Battah, CEO at PASS Technology.

“Fortunately, there are a number of things that businesses can do to address this. Company perks, team activities and a better work life balance are approaches that are worth considering but employers often overlook how important background checking can be.

“Background checks develop a more trusting setting for both employers and employees alike. Employees who know sufficient background checks have been done in their business are more trusting of the colleagues and feel safer and more confident with their employers.”


Furniture Village opens its doors in Crawley’s County Oak Retail Park



Crawley welcomes Furniture Village who will open a brand-new store in County Oak retail park this Boxing Day.

The new location offers a Carpetright concession, providing a one-stop-shop for customers looking to update their homes.

Visitors to the new Furniture Village store will be invited to create their ‘home in one’, by exploring collections for every room of the house, from sofas to beds to dining.

Charlie Harrison, Commercial Director at Furniture Village, comments:

“With much of the UK under lockdown, I’m delighted we’ve been able to open our new store in Crawley. County Oak is a fantastic shopping destination and the ideal choice for Furniture Village.

“It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but I am incredibly proud of the Furniture Village team which continues to offer industry-leading quality, choice and service. As well as Family Retailer of the Year, we’ve also been awarded National Bed Retailer of the Year so I’m particularly looking forward to welcoming customers to our new bed department.”

The store will see a team of 11 expert sales consultants offering valuable insights and advice to customers, all made possible thanks to enhanced Covid-19 safety measures.

These include temperature checks, PPE for all staff and hand sanitisation stations, along with an appointment booking system which can be accessed via the website.

Charlie Harrison, Commercial Director at Furniture Village, adds:

“Customer safety is still, and will continue to be, a priority for us. The feedback from all of our existing stores continues to be overwhelmingly positive, with the appointment booking system providing reassurance and exceptional service for customers.”

The store will open at 9am on Saturday 26th December 2020. Opening offers include Sale discounts of up to 50% plus an additional £50 off every £500 spent.

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