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Work in Manor Royal, Crawley? Prepare for four days of traffic chaos

The four days closure will take place throughout a working week meaning the already congested area will see even more problems.



The diversion to avoid the closure.

Put these dates in your diary. 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th April 2019.

If you work or travel through Manor Royal then those are the dates to avoid as one part of Manor Royal Road itself will mean a large amount of traffic being diverted around the area.

The closure is due to carriage resurfacing and is taking place between Churchill Court and Gatwick Road Roundabout.

The closure will also be 24hrs a day meaning no let us overnight either.

The diversion route takes drivers up and along Fleming Way, then down Newton Road, a route that sees a lot of traffic serving the businesses along that route.

The additional traffic the diversion will bring is likely to cause huge delays and ultimately traffic chaos.

West Sussex Council say about the works:

“The works will involve the realignment of the existing kerbs to slightly widen the junction allowing traffic to flow better. The existing roundabout will also be realigned and reduced. A new lane will be formed on the approach to the roundabout adjacent to the Nissan Dealership along with a nearly constructed section of footpath. Various utility company diversion works will be carried out. The existing footpaths that cross both verges on Manor Royal are to be reconstructed. 2no existing street lights and 2no traffic bollards will be renewed. There are two sections of existing road surface that will be resurfaced on Manor Royal.”


More travel nightmares on M23 as J11 Pease Pottage to begin 9 months of roadworks

The improvement works are to increase capacity of the gyratory.



Improvement works are scheduled to start on 18 March 2019 to increase capacity at the Pease Pottage junction of the M23 and will take approximately 9 months.

It is hopeed it will reduce congestion and time coming off the motorway and for accessing the Moto service station.

Other improvements are for pedestrian and cyclist safety with the upgrading of Horsham Road bridge’s existing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing to a signal-controlled crossing and the installation of a signal-controlled crossing on Brighton Road.

The width of the gyratory will be increased at both ends and signals repositioned to accommodate this extra capacity. Linking from the gyratory, Brighton Road’s capacity will be doubled to become dual carriageway to a new four-arm roundabout off which are the Moto service station and the entrance to the new housing development by Thakeham.

These improvement works were requested by West Sussex County Council and Highways England, and are part of the substantial investment in infrastructure that Thakeham are delivering with the new homes.

The timing was chosen to minimise any delays brought about by inclement weather events. The high amount of traffic using J11 is causing delays, so widening works to increase capacity are necessary to make journey times more reliable.

The improvements will:

• Reduce congestion and smooth the traffic flow to improve travel times, thereby making journeys more reliable.

• Expand J11’s capacity to accommodate the growing local community and support business by reducing the cost of economic delays to commuters and business traffic.

• Improve pedestrian and cycle routes on both Brighton Road and Horsham Road

• Improve access to the Moto service station and create access to the residential development site

A dedicated website has been launched which they say will have up-to-date information on the improvement works scheme. In addition, regular updates will be press released to local media; as well as sent out via email to local residents, businesses, politicians who sign up for updates; and the wider public.

During the improvement works an emergency phone line on 07792 224 339 will be manned 24/7. This number will be on signposts in the vicinity as well as on the website, in press releases and other communications.

For non-emergency enquiries a Freephone information line on 0800 148 8911 will be manned during office hours to answer questions about the scheme.

Tim Canham, Breheny Civil Engineering said:

“We are giving plenty of notice about these improvement works to J11 so that drivers can plan ahead. Delays may be incurred during the works. The Pease Pottage service station will be accessible throughout the works. There will be infrequent road closures, but these will be overnight to minimise disruption.”

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