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Woman identified in racial abuse incident in Tilgate Park Crawley

A woman dog walker who police wanted to talk to her about an alleged racial abuse incident directed at another dog walker in a Crawley park has come forward.



Officers released an image of a woman who was walking her Chihuahua dog in a bid to identify her. Just after 4pm on Wednesday 19 June, the victim of the abuse, a local woman, was walking her own dog in Tilgate Park, when the Chihuahua came up to them.

It was reported that the Chihuahua owner then came up to her own dog, kicking it hard across the grass several times and causing it obvious distress.

When the other dog owner remonstrated with her for this cruelty, the woman racially abused her

Sergeant Matt Chapman said:

“A woman has come forward and made contact with us and we will be speaking to her about the alleged incident in due course.”


Give Crawley back its police, demands towns council leader

Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb has called for the Prime Minister to return funding to Crawley’s police after he says new figures show cuts to police budgets are much higher than the new funding recently announced.



In a press statement Cllr Lamb says that Sussex Police have lost 32.3% of their funding from central government, leaving local policing in a weakened state.

Speaking about the state of policing in Crawley, Cllr Lamb said:

“Following the loss of frontline officers, crime and antisocial behaviour are now the top issues residents raise with me on the doorstep. They are tired of seeing it in our town centre and across Crawley’s neighbourhoods. Only the police have the power to end the decline and only the Government has the funding to give us the officers we need.

“We deserve more from our Prime Minister than empty promises, it’s time he learnt to keep his word and gave Crawley back its police.”

Crawley Labour adds that this news comes on the back of recent revelations that despite 98% of police officers lost from the service in recent years having been cut from the frontline, around 7,000 police recruits will never see frontline duty.

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