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West Sussex County Council vote to support lowering voting age to 16

The motion that was created by the West Sussex Youth Cabinet was debated and approved at the full council last Friday, 5th April.



Cllr Michael Jones speaking in favour of lowering the age at the full council.

It is a debate that has raged for years and not just in this country.

Now West Sussex has agreed to support lowering the age to 16.

According to the council it is a ‘major breakthrough’ for the Youth Cabinet who have been working for quite some time on bringing the motion forward.

Ellie Roberts, Youth Cabinet chairman, said:

“It’s so important that our Votes at 16 Campaign has been heard and supported by councillors, it shows that the voice of youth matters in West Sussex.

“At 16 we can get married or enter a civil partnership, serve in the armed forces, pay tax and make other key decisions but currently we don’t get a say on who runs our councils and government. We think that’s wrong and it’s great that senior councillors think the same.”

But what does this actually mean? Well in truth not much as despite the council now agreeing they want to lower the age it is still down to MP’s and the Government to debate and pass such change.

With some very strong arguments on both sides of the argument debating the issue at the full council last week (you can watch the debate here) it was passed with 29 voting for, 24 voting against and 2 abstaining.


The Cowdray Arms is back!

The anticipated re-launch following a huge refit has finally completed and it looks amazing.



Only two weeks ago we did a story on how the Cowdray Arms had been bought and leased by new owners. You can read that story here.

Now after many weeks renovations, a new concept, a new Michelin Star chef and staff eager to show off their stunning venue it has finally opened.

We took a glimpse inside to share the wonderful new look and feel.

A brand new dining room with stunning fire place.
Spaces transformed to accommodate more guests.
A high class feel in a very relaxed atmosphere.
Beautiful touches of design incorporated throughout with lighting to match.
Maintaining the traditional feel of the pub.
Introducing a new range of gins for guests to try.
The traditional pub feel has not been lost.
Refreshed yet stylish design throughout.
The ‘iconic’ branding is back.

It is a fantastic transformation, but the venue is only one part for the new menu and with a Michelin Star chef overseeing the kitchen the class of cooking is way above any ‘pub chain’ across the town.

With an enlarged garden area now finished and even boutique rooms soon to be available, the Cowdray Arms is certainly back

You can find out more information by contacting the Cowdray Arms on 01444 811 280

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