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West Sussex Council leader responds to Crawley demands on cuts: “It’s important that local authorities work together to find a solution”

Responding to the public outcry surrounding the news that proposed financial cuts could lead to places like Crawley’s Open House closing, the leader of West Sussex County Council has penned a statement.



This comes just a day after Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb posted a copy of a letter he sent to Ms Goldsmith detailing how if such cuts were to go ahead, then Crawley’s relationship with West Sussex would end.  You can read the letter here.

And only this morning, another revelation came to light when it appeared that Nathan Elvery, Chief Exec for West Sussex County Council was showing his support for Open House by liking a tweet from Cllr Peter Lamb.  Read the story here.

CN24 contacted West Sussex County Council to ask for a response from Ms Goldsmith.

Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council said:

“I acknowledge that supported housing projects help a number of vulnerable people including those who are homeless, rough sleepers and ex-offenders. We no longer have dedicated funding for housing support from central government and the services we provide are not statutory unlike many others which are under pressure. We recognise that making savings in this area could lead to an increase in pressure on other services in the long-run and we will work closely with our partners in the voluntary sector and other local authorities to find ways to keep the impact of any funding changes to a minimum.

“It’s important to emphasise that no decisions have been taken on where potential savings can be made and we will open consultation on the future funding of these services this month which will allow us to hear from affected stakeholders before any final decisions are made.

“Local authorities across the country are having to make really difficult decisions about how to spend their ever decreasing finances and West Sussex is no exception. We simply do not have the money to continue delivering the services we currently deliver in the same way and we want to have a really open conversation with our residents about the decisions we have to make around spending their money.

“It’s important that local authorities work together to find a solution to the financial pressures we face and I am committed to supporting and helping the housing authorities in West Sussex – our district and boroughs – together with housing charities, to tackle this very complex issue.”

You can read how this all started here.


Northgate, Crawley dance school shortlisted for ‘People’s Choice’ award



Some of the schools dancers receiving effort awards for online dancing during Lockdown.

A local dance school based in Northgate, Crawley has been shortlisted for the ‘People’s Choice’ Award 2020.

The Louise Ryrie School of Dance & Drama received the nomination from One Dance UK.

Speaking to Crawley News 24 about the nomination the principal Louise said:

“Our dance school based locally in Northgate Crawley has been shortlisted for the ‘People’s Choice’ Award 2020 by One Dance UK. Link attached below, where you can read our nomination. 

We’re so honoured to receive this nomination. We love and care for all our dancers as individuals, as well as training them to a high standard whether they want to pursue a career in the dance industry, or dance as a hobby.

Now the school needs all the towns support to vote for them ahead of the 27th September deadline.

You can place make your vote by clicking here.

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