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West Sussex Children’s keyworkers receive overwhelmingly positive praise



An independent local survey of parents currently receiving services from Children’s social care and early help support from the Think Family service has praised the Social Workers.

Conducted by Professor Eileen Munro, the survey aimed to understand more about families’ experiences and included questions on whether they feel listened to, whether they agree and whether they find him/her reliable.

The report stated: “The qualitative feedback from the parents was overwhelmingly positive. When asked what they would change about the way their worker worked with them, the majority (61%) of respondents said there was nothing they would change at all.

“When asked if there was anything further they’d like to add, 92% responded with wholly positive comments about their worker. It is striking in the West Sussex parents’ verbatim feedback that when they receive good service the parents notice and are very appreciative.”

One family stated: “’Think Family’ have been brilliant. They listen to what I, and my children want and have helped me a lot with practical things like appointments, forms and simple things that have made a difference and having someone to talk to.”

Another wrote about their social worker: “She has been a life saver, really supportive to me and my daughter. She has been there if I need support myself and listened to us individually. She is a superb worker we need more like her.”

Stephen Hillier, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children – Start of Life, said: “The results of this survey are exactly what we expect from our social workers as our children deserve the best support possible.

“It makes me incredibly proud of them as these parents surveyed have clearly picked up on their keyworkers passion and dedication. Our social care team and ‘Think Family’ keyworkers do a remarkable job and it is great to see them getting the recognition they deserve.”

A similar survey was carried out in June 2016 which also reported very good findings with most parents having an overall positive experience with their social worker.

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Local petition to remove COVID pop-up cycle lanes gains over 1500 signatures in just 12 hours



A Crawley petition launched by a local resident to try to get the COVID pop-up cycle lanes removed has gained over 1500 signatures overnight.

The cycle lanes have already been described as ‘a complete waste of time’

A video published by CN24 two weeks ago shows the extent of the problems drivers are experiencing with the cycle lanes:

With the petition reaching so many signatures so quickly it is expected that it will reach the required 3,000 signatures required for it to be brought up for an official debate with West Sussex County Council.

The petition was setup by resident Daniel Armstrong who said:

“I started it is because of the reaction online from a massive majority of residents.

I’d like WSCC to consider removing the Pop up cycle lane already in place on Hazelwick Ave, as this is causing more havoc than it is helping anybody.”

Anyone wishing to add their signature to the petition can do so here.

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