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‘We will freeze rail fare increases in Crawley for 5 years’ say Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have announced they will freeze rail fare increases for Crawley commuters and season ticket holders for the next five years, while fixing the broken fares and ticketing system.



According to their plans the Liberal Democrats say that their government would cancel the 2.8% rail fare increase planned for December 2018 and freeze Crawley commuter fares and season tickets for the entirety of the next five years.

By doing this they say they would save season ticket holders from Crawley to London, £1,693.98 over the next five years but also admit the policy would expected to cost approximately £1.6 billion.

They also say they will overhaul ticketing by simplifying the system, looking to create season tickets for part-time commuters and introducing early-bird fares.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Crawley, Khalil Yousuf said:

“Under the Tories, Crawley commuters have been catastrophically let down. People are paying way over the odds for what has often been an appalling service.

“The Liberal Democrats will build a brighter future by freezing fares from Crawley to London for the next five years, saving local commuters hundreds of pounds. We will properly invest in fixing our creaking rail network to improve capacity and reduce overcrowding, so Crawley commuters are no longer treated like cattle.

“But this is about more than just providing more funding. We will also strip rail companies of franchises if they don’t meet the standards expected of them anddevelop new transport mutual companies to foster alternative competition.”


Conservatives win Crawley by increased majority

With a lead of 8,360 the Conservatives have increased their lead of Labour in Crawley.



Henry Smith has won the Crawley seat by increasing his lead of Labour considerably.

The full results were:

Conservative: 27,040

Labour: 18,680

Lib Dems: 2,728

Green Party: 1,451

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