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Warning to Crawley residents not to ‘flout the law’ as good weather predicted for Easter Hols



Nationally there are fears that with the weather set to heat up this weekend and ‘lockdown fatigue’ increasing that more people may be encouraged to ignore official guidance. 

This is also the concern of Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne who has today chaired a meeting with local MPs with Chief Constable Giles York to discuss the local policing response to this pandemic.

With Sussex’s many beaches and areas of natural beauty there are concerns that these places may become busier and the police are braced to deter day-trippers and local residents from beauty spots. 

Mrs Bourne has warned people not to flout the law saying: “I know that the restrictions currently in place are a far cry from everybody’s normality and that temporary sacrifices are having to be made but we all have a responsibility to protect our communities. 

“There is a real concern that, as this is the first weekend of the Easter Holidays with the weather set to improve, people will be getting in their cars and heading for beauty spots and beaches. 

“I’m urging residents and those who may have plans to travel this weekend to stay at home. Do not make our county any more vulnerable to this virus and please do not put any unnecessary strain on our emergency workers.

“The message from the Chief and me has always been that the new policing powers will only be used as a last resort. They will instead try to engage with and educate people.

“This approach has worked so far, with only a small handful of fixed penalty notices issued and local MPs today have universally praised the way officers have handled this crisis so far. 

“We do not want to go down the enforcement route but where people are found ignoring police advice and putting others in danger, officers will have to use the new legislation in place to protect us.

“I’m proud of how the majority of residents in Sussex have adapted to this crisis and I want to see us all continuing to stay at home. It is making a difference.”

The statement comes as the Prime Minister also posted another plea for people to stay at home:


Breaking the ‘sex ban’ can cost a Crawley resident up to £3200



It has been called the most farcical of rules but as the Government updated their coronavirus rules then so it has begun to sink in with media outlets across the UK that this is essentially a sex ban.

The amendments made to the rules say that no person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a private or public place indoors and consists of two or more persons!

According to the government this is to make sure people are not staying away from home at night. But the reality is very different.

If you have a ‘special friend’ or partner you do not live with and wish to have some ‘fun’ together then you are going to have to wait a little longer.

The fines start at £100 (£50 if paid within 14 days) but for repeat offenders it goes up as high as £3200.

Already #sexban has been trending on twitter.

But what is not clear is how the police, who are already over stretched, would even be able to control this?

One Bewbush resident commented on the news:

“So if I decide for some hanky panky with my girlfriend when she comes over am I going to be interrupted mid sesh with some plod stood over me writing a fine?”

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