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Want to be a Sussex Police Officer? Now’s your chance.

Today sees the launch of Sussex Police’s latest round of police officer recruitment.



Surely careers don’t come more personally rewarding that this. Tackling crime, taking knives off the streets, engaging and educating young people, dealing with people when they are at their most vulnerable and being the person everyone looks towards for help; a police officer’s role is demanding and diverse.

Chief Constable Giles York said:

“I’m delighted Sussex Police is launching this recruitment drive for the next three years to find the next generation of police officers. As a result of the precept increase, I’m pleased to welcome applications for our 2020 police officer cohorts. The public will see more policing where it is needed most, always prioritising areas where communities face the greatest challenges.

“I believe being a police officer is one of the most personally rewarding, challenging and diverse careers available. It will appeal to those who want to make a difference, offering a lifetime of opportunities and I am particularly appealing to those who may never have thought policing was for them.”

Successful recruits will be the first in the country to join Sussex Police as an officer through one of two new entry routes, created by the College of Policing with the demands of modern day policing in mind. Launching in Sussex in December 2019, the police constable degree apprenticeship offers three-year apprenticeship programme where individuals will study towards a degree in professional policing practice.

The Degree Holder Entry Programme is aimed at existing degree holders of any subject area and will launch in early 2020. Offering a two-year practice based programme, individuals receive a level six graduate diploma in professional policing practice.

Giles York added:

“Police officers make challenging decisions which impact the public every day. They face complex issues, often in dangerous situations, with growing demands from digital investigation and vulnerable individuals. In short, they can change people’s lives.”

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said:

“I’m pleased that the recruitment window is open again for police officers in Sussex, continuing our biggest recruitment drive in 10 years. It is also encouraging that every successful applicant will be accepted through the new entry routes, making them even better equipped to face the challenges of modern day policing.

“I know from speaking extensively to residents that they value their police force very highly and they want to see more visible policing in the areas where they live and work.

“Sussex residents deserve the very best police force and I am confident that we will attract high calibre candidates who will serve all our communities well. If you feel you have what it takes and want to play your part, we look forward to receiving your application.”

If you have the judgment to make quick decisions; are confident to be the first person in; have the compassion and empathy to help those in need; who’ll have your colleagues back no matter what and the resilience to serve the community every single day then we want to hear from you. To apply, visit here.


Crawley Police Sergeant faces disciplinary hearing after ‘dangling’ pepperoni pizza over Jewish colleagues food

The Crawley officer is facing a disciplinary hearing tomorrow (19th Nov).



The hearing which is listed to last for 2 days is so that PS Jacobs can answer allegations made about his conduct.

The incident apparently took place on the 8th March this year.

Apparently the Seargent, with full knowledge that his colleague is Jewish, deliberately dangled a pizza that contained pepperoni over his colleagues food.

As a result a piece of pepperoni then fell off the pizza on the officers food meaning they were then unable to eat it.

The hearing will take place at Sussex Police HQ in Lewes.

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