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Virgin Atlantic donates iPads to Crawley School pupils to aid home learning



Crawley based Virgin Atlantic has partnered with a Crawley School to help support pupils limited with online access.

The airline donated the home learning IT equipment to Thomas Bennett Community College recently during the start of the latest lockdown.

Virgin Atlantic refurbished 15 iPads with the aim that they can be used for schoolwork by the towns pupils.

Ash Jokhoo, Chief Information & Data Officer at Virgin Atlantic said:

“We would like to say thanks to the amazing teachers and workers across the country that are going above and beyond to ensure pupils are still able to learn remotely during such difficult times.

We hope that the delivery of iPads to Thomas Bennett Community College will aid home learning within Virgin Atlantic’s local community, ensuring every child can have the vital access to their online education.”


Crawley’s buses to be fitted with anti-virus filters



Anti-virus air filters are being fitted to every bus on the Brighton & Hove and Metrobus fleet, as an added measure to further reduce the risk of Covid transmission.  

The new filters have an anti-virus coating and remove 99.99%* of viruses and bacteria, as air flows into both decks and the driver’s cab. Air is already regularly refreshed on buses with doors opening at stops and windows open and this is an extra safety precaution.  

Engineers have fitted the new air filters on every bus and converted the whole fleet of 400 buses within just one month. These filters will continue to be used as standard within the regular replacement programme.   

Brighton & Hove and Metrobus Managing Director Martin Harris said: “The new filters are a welcome addition to the safety measures we already have lined up on buses to defeat the virus, alongside high cleaning standards, face coverings, social distancing, keeping windows open and paying by contactless.  

“Our engineers have been working round the clock to fit these filters so that our passengers can feel even more confident that they are travelling in a clean and safe bus. A good flow of fresh air is increasingly being recognised as one of the most important protections against Covid alongside ‘Hands, Face and Space’ and these filters are an important step.”   The PEPA-F HVAC filters were developed by Filtration Control and train builder Bombardier and capture particles in the air that might contain pathogens and virus such as Covid-19. 

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