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Urgent recruitment appeal for carers across West Sussex following surge in demand from care homes



Local people who have lost their jobs due to the impact of coronavirus are being urged to come forward and apply for jobs in the care industry to support elderly and vulnerable residents.

Care homes and home care providers in West Sussex are anticipating a huge demand for their services as the outbreak continues.

A West Sussex County Council initiative called Proud to Care is targeting people from the travel, leisure, retail and hospitality industries as they have the ideal skills and experience to succeed in care work.

Founder of Chichester based Guardian Angel Carers, Christina Handasyde Dick said:

“As a home care provider we are on a major recruitment drive at the moment, as we are providing essential services to vulnerable adults in their own home at this challenging time.

“We desperately want to support our local hospitals to discharge patients as efficiently as possible, and to be able to continue to support them in the comfort of their own home.

“People from all sorts of career backgrounds can make great carers, if you are a compassionate, professional and reliable individual that would love an incredibly rewarding role to support your local community, please help.”

The Proud To Care website – – has details of around 300 full-time and part-time positions available with care providers across West Sussex.

As well as supporting the care sector which helps some of our most vulnerable residents, the County Council also aims to support our local economy and those who have been affected by the impact on it by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Amanda Jupp, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said:

“This is a very difficult time for so many of us, particularly those who are vulnerable or live alone.  There are, no doubt, a number of people in the travel, leisure, hospitality or retail sectors who unfortunately may have lost their jobs due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We would very much like to reach out to those people to help find them paid employment supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community. By doing this we will not only increase the workforce in the care sector at this critical time but also help to support the local economy by keeping people in jobs.

“Many people will have transferable skills that make them well suited to working in care and I would urge them to help us by responding to one of the biggest challenges ever faced by the health and care sector.

“Protecting and caring for vulnerable people at this present time is our greatest priority.”

Care workers are classed as key workers and their safety and well-being and those that are being cared for is the highest priority. Anyone working in care will be trained and supported to make sure care is delivered safely and effectively. Interviews may take place over the phone or video and training may be done online, where possible.

Care work involves making sure vulnerable people feel safe are comfortable, by supporting with preparing their meals, washing, getting dressed and providing companionship. Anyone interested can apply for jobs online through the website and contact the Proud to Care team who can answer any questions and give guidance. Visit or email


Breaking the ‘sex ban’ can cost a Crawley resident up to £3200



It has been called the most farcical of rules but as the Government updated their coronavirus rules then so it has begun to sink in with media outlets across the UK that this is essentially a sex ban.

The amendments made to the rules say that no person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a private or public place indoors and consists of two or more persons!

According to the government this is to make sure people are not staying away from home at night. But the reality is very different.

If you have a ‘special friend’ or partner you do not live with and wish to have some ‘fun’ together then you are going to have to wait a little longer.

The fines start at £100 (£50 if paid within 14 days) but for repeat offenders it goes up as high as £3200.

Already #sexban has been trending on twitter.

But what is not clear is how the police, who are already over stretched, would even be able to control this?

One Bewbush resident commented on the news:

“So if I decide for some hanky panky with my girlfriend when she comes over am I going to be interrupted mid sesh with some plod stood over me writing a fine?”

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