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Reigate & Banstead

U-turn sign is illegal and to be removed after police warned drivers they would be fined if they ignored it



Drivers who have been making U-tuns at the Brighton Road/Londo Road North Junction by the Starbucks were dismayed to hear that they would be fined if they continued to make a U-turn following the erection of a new sign.

Reigate and Banstead Police posted a message on their facebook page that drivers should take note of the new signage and anyone failing to comply would face fines or even points.

This caused outrage amongst drivers who have been using the junction to make U-tuns for many years.

But now it seems the signage has been placed there incorrectly.

A spokesperson for Highways England said:

“The Route Manager on the A23 has confirmed that neither Highways England or its contractor have erected the no U-turn sign.”

Now for the more confusing part:

“We’ve also spoken to Surrey Police, who have no knowledge of the sign.”

Surrey police who are made up of Reigate and Banstead police!

They continue:

“This means that the sign that has been erected is unenforceable, as the U-turn manoeuvre at this location is not illegal, and there is no permanent order to enforce it.

As the sign has been installed illegally, and should not be there, the Route Manager has instructed our contractors to remove it.”

Highways England also said that the message put out by Reigate and Banstead Police was inaccurate as there was “no legal means in place to enforce this”.

But the mystery remains around who put the sign up in the first place.

Surrey Police have been contacted for a statement.