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Two new play areas coming to Ifield in Crawley

Crawley Borough Council is working on two schemes to replace two play areas in Ifield.



Ewhurst Playing Fields play area is currently undergoing construction to remove the old play area. Installation of the new play area will begin in early July with an anticipated completion date in early autumn.

The new play area will be installed right next to the existing location and will include a jigsaw wall, tube slide, trapeze bars, group swing and more.

Over in Stoneycroft Walk work will begin in July to renovate some existing equipment and enhance the play area with additional, new equipment including log-step posts, play panels, rock’n’bowl and an arch-rope crossing.

The aim is to complete the project during the summer holidays.

Cabinet member for Wellbeing, Councillor Chris Mullins, said:

“Playing outside allows children to have fun, be healthy and stretch their imaginations. These are two exciting projects that will modernise and provide much improved play areas for our young residents and visitors to enjoy.”


Crawley School ‘spices’ up end of school year with hilarious video

St Wilfrid’s Catholic School has released their end of school year video with a great tribute to the Spice Girls.



You can always rely on St Wilfrid’s to release something very special every year and this tribute to the end of the school year is no exception.

Watch the whole video:

Played to the students this morning their reaction was amazing and clear to see that they enjoyed it from our photos.

After the students received their school prizes they were treated to the schools version of the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ or as they entitled it “Spice Teachers”.

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