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TUI reveals plans to restart summer holidays from Gatwick



Tui UK has revealed details of its plans to re-start summer holidays from Gatwick and two other UK airports from 11th July.

The travel company is set to open eight destinations in Greece, the Balearics and the Canaries in the first phase of their planned restart.

Up to 8,300 holiday makers could travel on up to 44 flights per week to Ibiza, Palma, Corfu, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Lanzarote and Tenerife with TUI planning to add more flights and destinations by the end of July.

The airline is hopeful that by the end of July they will be able to offer a total of 19 destinations from the five UK airports.

To prepare for the restart, TUI has already implemented a range of new health and safety measures to protect both customers and employees. These include:


  • Mandatory face masks on board
  • Extra cleaning and disinfecting of aircraft
  • State-of-the art hospital standard air filtering systems to keep fresh air flowing through the cabin every few minutes
  • Hand sanitiser sachets available to customers on board
  • Customers advised to remain seated as much as possible with cabin crew managing bathroom queues


  • Hand sanitising stations set up throughout hotels
  • Social distancing markers on the floor
  • Restaurants may have fewer tables and will stay open for longer
  • In many properties, table service will replace self-service dining
  • Resort facilities, like sports courts, may be open for longer than normal to allow for social distancing
  • Sun loungers at pools and beaches will be disinfected between each new guest

To give customers peace of mind, TUI has also introduced a new Holiday Promise built around five commitments to ensure customers can have the safest and most relaxing holiday possible.   

  • TUI standards guaranteed: TUI says: “We promise you’ll have a brilliant TUI holiday. If there are any significant changes at your hotel, resort or destination which will stop this from happening, we won’t take you there.”
  • 24-hour support: TUI says “We promise you’ll be supported 24-7 by our holiday reps. Simply download the TUI App or have a chat with our expertly trained staff in your hotel or resort.”
  • Quarantine-free holidays: TUI says “We promise we’ll only take you on quarantine-free holidays. This means we won’t travel anywhere with known isolating measures in place.”
  • No holiday, no worries: TUI says “We promise we’ll be in contact as soon as we can if your holiday can’t go ahead due to COVID-19. We’ll offer you the opportunity to change your booking to a different holiday. Or, you can take a refund credit note or a full cash refund.”
  • We’ve got covid-19 covered: TUI says “We promise to introduce extra measures to protect you, as well as us, against COVID-19 – from disinfecting the aircraft cabin to making sure our hotels are deep-cleaned before they reopen.”

Andrew Flintham, Managing Director of TUI UK & Ireland said:

“We’re really excited to be talking about taking people on holiday again. We’re of course still waiting on the Government to change its travel advice but we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes and we’re ready to start taking holidaymakers away again in just a few weeks’ time. Initially, we are focussing on destinations where we anticipate air bridges being in place, such as Greece and Spain.    But we know many Brits are eager to travel again, and we have ambitious plans to rapidly increase our programme as soon as possible, to offer even more choice when it comes to holidaying this summer.

We appreciate that some people may be feeling apprehensive towards travel and have questions about what a post-covid holiday will be like, which is why we’ve introduced our new TUI Holiday Promise. It provides holidaymakers with five guarantees we’ve made to keep them safe abroad, while reassuring them that we’re still providing relaxing and enjoyable holidays.  If a destination has a quarantine in place, we won’t go there. If local restrictions or measures in place at hotels or resorts significantly impact the original holiday experience you booked, we won’t take you there.

We’ll apply every possible health and safety measure to keep our customers and staff safe and protected at every single stage of their journey.  We’ll also make sure we keep in touch and are as flexible as we can be if people need to amend their holidays”.

Customers can find out all they need to know at 


UK’s first UV treatment of security trays installed at Gatwick to protect passengers and staff by reducing spread of coronaviruses



Gatwick is the first airport in the UK to treat its security trays with enough UV light energy to guarantee a 99.9% microbe disinfection rate – protecting passengers and staff and reducing the spread of coronaviruses, including COVID-19, and other infections on this high-touch surface area.

The new, highly effective system – provided by Smiths Detection – sees each tray pass through a covered ‘UV-tunnel’ fixed underneath the hand luggage screening system, as trays exit the scanners, so that every tray is treated immediately before each passenger uses it.

Following a one-month trial on a single security lane in July 2020, with laboratory testing demonstrating a 99.9% microbe disinfection rate, the new system will be rolled out on eight lanes in Gatwick’s North Terminal – six for passengers and two for staff – by the end of this month.

The system uses short-wavelength UV-C light, which laboratory tests show is effective against coronaviruses, including COVID-19 and SARS, as the radiation warps the structure of their genetic material and prevents the viral particles from replicating.

The UV-C light is completely contained within a covered unit designed following safety standard BS EN ISO 15858:2016, ensuring no risk of exposure to either passengers or staff.

Gatwick and other airports have already deployed other anti-viral systems, such as coatings sprayed on to trays, however this protection dissipates over time whereas this new system treats every tray just before use – ensuring maximum protection and a reduced risk of passing on infection.

Other health measures in place at Gatwick include the frequent, enhanced deep cleaning of common-use surfaces throughout the airport, installation of approx. 500 Perspex screens, social distancing procedures at check in, security and gate rooms, well-spaced seating in departure halls and in restaurants, bars and shops and regularly signposted hand washing facilities and around 200 sanitising stations.

All passengers are also advised to bring and wear their own face covering throughout the airport and to check Gatwick’s latest online health guidance before leaving home.

Adrian Witherow, Chief Operating Officer, Gatwick Airport, said:

The health and wellbeing of our passengers and staff remains our priority. The system goes above and beyond the guidelines and we will continue to do everything we can to help reassure our passengers that flying is still a great travelling experience and that the health measures we have in place are effective and easy to follow.

“This new system has proven itself to be extremely reliable and provides a really high degree of reassurance as every single passenger and staff member using the system will have a tray that has only just been disinfected.  As an airport, we will continue to explore innovative health solutions like this that reduce the spread of coronaviruses and other infections. “

We’ve partnered with Gatwick Airport on a number of security projects over the years, bringing them cutting-edge screening technology and greater operational efficiency,” said Richard Thompson, Smiths Detection’s Global Director of Aviation.

The introduction of the UV-C kits demonstrates their interest in ensuring the highest standard of care for their customers and team members in response to COVID-19. The technology deployed by Smiths Detection will not only help to create a healthy airport but is also completely safe to use and will not slow down the security screening process.”

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