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Track failure causes delays for passengers between Gatwick and Redhill

A fault with the signalling system at Redhill is causing disruption to journeys through this station.



UPDATE: The issue was resolved around 11:30 –

As a result of the fault, trains may be delayed, revised or cancelled.

The problem wasexpected to last till around 9am.

Gatwick Express, Southern and Thameslink tickets will be accepted on the following :

– Great Western Railway services between Gatwick and Redhill / Reigate

Metrobus services, between Redhill and Gatwick

– Southeastern services between Tonbridge and London

Great Western Railway tickets will be accepted on the following:

– Southern services between Redhill and Gatwick Airport

– South Western Railway services between Reading / Gatwick Airport and Clapham Junction and between Clapham Junction and Guildford.

How is this currently affecting the train service?

A signalling fault at Redhill is impacting services.

Services between Reigate / Redhill and Tonbridge are suspended until further notice, please use Great Western Railway services between Reigate and Redhill.

Thameslink services through Redhill will be reduced to ease congestion. Earlswood station will not be served – please use local bus ticket acceptance to get to Redhill / Gatwick.

Great Western Railway trains may be terminated at / started back from Redhill.  

Southern Rail said:

“In this particular situation the fault has been confirmed as a ‘Track Circuit Failure’. This means the signalling system is unable to automatically verify if the next section of track past the affected signal is clear.

The rail network is designed so that if a signal stops working, trains will stop before they reach it. Whilst this issue is ongoing, train crew will stop at the affected signal and contact the signalling centre to confirm their location, which at this point the signaller will verbally authorise the driver to continue towards the next signal. This process adds time to every trains journey, which means services can experience short delays.”


Gatwick Express suspended and Southern Rail severely disrupted after train derailment

After a low speed derailment of an engineering train in the London Victoria area both Gatwick and Southern Rail have announced cancellations and delays.



Credit @NetworkRailSE

At approximately 03:00 this morning of Tuesday, 9th July, an engineering train (operated on behalf of Network Rail) experienced a low-speed derailment at London Victoria.

The engineering train is obstructing a complex section of track on one of the busiest routes.

Credit @NetworkRailSE

Specialist recovery teams were dispatched to attend to the recovery.

Southern Rail say that once the recovery of the derailed engineering train has been completed, repairs to track damage will also be required until the line can be reopened.

Platforms 9 – 13 are currently blocked at London Victoria. In addition the “slow/stopping” lines are blocked between Clapham Junction and London Victoria.

In order to minimise disruption, fewer trains are able to operate at this time to and from London Victoria, hence a severely reduced Southern and Gatwick Express service to and from this location.

They are also unable to get some trains out of the depot at Battersea meaning they are unable to form there passenger services, resulting in further cancellations.

Southern Rail say that due to the complexity of the issue, disruption is expected until the end of the day.

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