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Too many Crawley families are struggling writes Shadow Education Secretary in article to Crawley News 24

In an article to Crawley News 24 Angela Rayner, the Shadow Education Secretary says that due to the slashing of schools funding, local families are now suffering.



“Schools across our country have been devastated by nine years of Tory austerity. We can see it in classrooms all over Britain. Teachers are topping up budgets out of their own pocket, and seeing more and more pupils coming in not having had breakfast or without the right uniform.

Crawley’s schools have had their funding slashed, and too many local families are struggling.

Across the town there will be school funding shortfall of nearly half a million in 2020, while 83% of schools across England will be worse off next year than they were to 2015.

The choice in this election is clear.

Labour will transform education standards in this country for every child, capping class sizes at 30 and ensuring every child is taught by a qualified teacher in a safe school building.

On contrast, the Tories have left nearly half a million children crammed into super-sized classes – up by 29% since 2010.

Labour will invest in record per pupil funding, restore the Pupil Premium and close the gap in support for children with special educational needs and disabilities, to give every child the support they need.

The Tories have slashed school funding for the first time in a generation. More and more pupils are being taught by unqualified teachers, and are missing out on the support they need.

No child should be taught in a school building that isn’t safe. That’s why Labour would create a new fund of over £7bn to tackle the backlog of vital but overdue repairs and install safety measures such as sprinklers in our schools.   

We’d train new teachers so that every child is getting the best possible education. In our first term we would train 25,000 unqualified staff who are currently teaching our children under the Tories. This has leapt up 28% since 2012. 

Labour’s fully costed manifesto will deliver for our schools. According to the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies, Labour’s plans for school spending would almost double the increase in per pupil funding being put forward by the Conservatives. IFS data reveals that the Conservatives’ promised spending would not fully reverse their own cuts to school budgets.

And now most families who are in poverty are also in work. Too many parents are struggling to make ends meet. The Conservatives have done nothing to help working families in the nine years they’ve been in power. Crawley – and Britain – deserves better. 

Hard working mums and dads across Crawley deserve. 

That is what what Peter Lamb would deliver as the MP for his home town – and the place he has championed for all his life.

The Tory candidate here has failed to sign the pledge promoted by parents and teachers to protect our schools from further cuts. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric – you just can’t trust them on education. 

As Britain’s education secretary I’d make sure that no child misses out on the best possible education. That’s why I’m asking you to back Labour on December 12th.”

Angela Rayner
Shadow Education Secretary.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Roll-out of vaccine is a feat our country can be proud of



The roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine is a feat which our country can be proud of. I am grateful for the dedication of NHS staff and all the workers and volunteers involved in protecting our nation at this time.

At locations throughout Sussex, including at Crawley Hospital, people are receiving Covid vaccines as part of our fightback against the virus.

There are now more than 1,000 GP services and over 250 hospital sites now offering vaccinations in England.

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust is the lead provider for the vaccination programme locally and they are looking for people to play their part in the vaccine roll-out.

The NHS are calling for potential vaccinators and volunteers to help protect millions of people from Covid, and want people who are able to work as flexibly as possible, including at evenings and weekends. I am grateful to everyone who has signed up already with more opportunities still available.

If you would like to help or are interested in finding out more, please click here for information from the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, and click here if you are interested in other volunteering opportunities as part of the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme.

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

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