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Tim Lunnon wants to retain free school meals



Tim Lunnon, Crawley Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary (PPC), visited the primary school Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Langley Green this week to talk to pupils and teachers about free school lunches.

The head teacher, Tobias Melia, was keen to introduce the children to politics, encouraging engagement and interest in the field. In the morning assembly the children asked a series of questions ranging from ‘what inspired you to go into politics?’, to ‘what’s your favourite animal?’, and ‘who is your hero and why?’ to ‘what would be your first action as an MP?’. Tim was impressed with their intrigue, despite the very young age.

Following this he participated in a PE lesson, where the children loved having an extra team member! Lack of funding, and therefore a lack of potential resources and experiences for the children, was a recurring theme here, and across the subjects.

To round off the day, Tim served the free hot lunch to KS1 students, a service which has been threatened with removal under Conservative manifesto proposals. Tim said ‘it was brilliant to see so many children eating and enjoying a healthy hot meal during their school day, it provides the crucial nutritional value to ensure children are learning at their highest potential.’ Both staff and pupils alike were very welcoming, and made the visit thoroughly enjoyable.

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Crawley count well underway

Anxious wait on the results



The count of the votes on wards up for election has begun this morning.

Turnout figures are not yet known with some wards reporting a decent turnout which could have been attributed to the weather.

The reality of how close this count will be is very evident on the faces of the candidates.

Lots of hushed conversations taking place and anxious eyes trying to work out how many votes they may have got.

See the results as they come through here.

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