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Three local teenagers arrested after attempted robbery in Crawley town centre



Crawley Police have swiftly arrested two teenage men after they responded to a report of an attempted robbery.

The officers were called to the reported robbery in the town centre in The Boulevard, Crawley in the early hours of this morning, 2:30am (Tuesday 28th July).

Three men approached another man and demanded he handed over his bags.

Officers swiftly acted and arrested two 18-year-old men from Crawley on suspicion of attempted robbery and a 19-year-old man, also from Crawley, on suspicion of robbery.

All three remain in custody and the investigation is ongoing.


Temperatures set to soar to 31C by Friday in Crawley



There is more hot weather headed for the weekend with temperatures in Crawley expected exceed 31C (87.8F) by Friday.

The heat wave could also see parts of southern England reach highs of 36C (96.8F).

Last weekend saw a huge influx of visitors to coastal regions and as temperature begin to rise again from Wednesday it is expected that this could happen once again.

Saturday and Sunday will see the high temperatures remain before they start to cool off next week.

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