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The ‘REAL’ reason gritting was reinstated across roads in Crawley

Only a week ago politicians from both sides claimed credit for the decision change but who and why was really behind the change?



At the beginning of December word spread (no pun intended) about how the number of roads to be gritted across Crawley was to be dramatically cut.

West Sussex County Council announced that less than a third of the roads network through the town would be gritted as part of a cost-cutting exercise.

As expected, the outcry began almost immediately and statements from opposing councillors referred to residents being ‘snowed in’ or ‘stranded’ if roads were ungritted and iced over.

The council said that they had taken a risk-based approach with identifying which roads were in most need of gritting but naturally that did little to alay the fears of residents.

Then, last week, there was a sudden change.

The same political voices that had so vehementally opposed the reduction claimed their objections had been heard, in-fact not just heard but as a result the council had changed their minds as a result.

So praise began to rain down on these heroes of the local political system.

But there was just one teeny tiny odd fact. Opposing political parties were making the same claim. Each said it was ‘they’ that had made the council change its mind. They were ones that praise should be reaped upon.

So which of them really was responsible for such a quick change in the councils decision? Which of the parties councillors should be lauded with honour for getting the gritters back out?

Turns out neither.

In-fact the decision to reinstate the gritters came from a combination of feedback from the residents and stakeholders themselves – not the politicians.

Of course, the local politicians were vocal both on social media and directly to those who made the decisions BUT the real force was the people themselves.

Roger Elkins, Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure explained:

“Like all councils across the country, we have really tough financial challenges to meet, so we must make sure we scrutinise every penny of tax payers’ money we spend and use it in the best way.

“We had reduced the network we grit but, listening to the feedback from residents and stakeholders, I felt we needed wider engagement. 

We will do this before the 2020/21 season. Meanwhile, the roads removed from the list will be reinstated as soon as practicable.” 

So the real praise is to the residents. So now they can all go out and build snowmen in their gardens safe in the knowledge that they wont get snowed in. Just let us know exactly when this happens as not seen a single snowflake…yet.


‘We must all be sensible’ says Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner as Crawley pubs allowed to open from 6am tomorrow



Crawley pubs are allowed to open from 6am tomorrow as those who have been waiting patiently to return to their local establishment prepare for their first drink at their local.

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne has released a statement ahead of this weekend which will see lockdown restrictions loosened with pubs, bars, restaurants and some leisure facilities reopening for the first time in months.

PCC Bourne said; “We are now benefiting from the sacrifices we have made to curb the spread of the virus and are slowly able to return to some normality. 

“I understand that people will want to take advantage of the opportunity this weekend brings to meet up with friends and family at their favourite restaurants or pubs that they have not visited in months. 

“However, it is still important that we do so safely with social distancing in mind at all times. 

“We have come so far already and, in order to keep progressing in the right direction, we must all be sensible in our decision-making. If you arrive somewhere and notice that social distancing isn’t achievable, then please reassess your plans. 

“Police officers will be out and about across Sussex this weekend helping to keep us safe. Please ensure you show them respect and know that any assault on an emergency service worker is unacceptable and will be treated extremely seriously.”

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