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The cheapest car parks in Crawley town centre



Crawley Car Parks
Image: Crawley Council

Finding somewhere to park in Crawley town centre can be a nightmare at the best of times. The problem becomes exacerbated when you then have to pay as well. Whilst you could drive around to find some free street parking OR even park just out of the town at one of the leisure car parks it can be much easier to find somewhere in the town centre. So where are the cheapest car parks in Crawley?

Cheapest car parks in Crawley town centre

Now there are a couple of car parks which are currently free including the old Morrisons car park. But with ANPR installed, no clear signage whether this will become a paid car park and with previous warnings of only 2 hours at a time it is almost a gamble if this is truely a free car park.

Here is our guide to the cheapest car parks in Crawley town centre. The prices quoted are for Mon-Fri parking and maybe subject to change at any time. We have listed prices for all day parking and for just 1 hour where available.

Telford Place

Telford Place Parking Crawley
Image: Google

Located off Southgate Ave, Telford place is a private car park and is situated opposite Crawley Library and across the road from County Mall Shopping Centre.

All Day Parking – £2.50
1 Hour – £1.20

NCP Kingsgate

NCP Kingsgate
Image: Google

Located on the corner of Queensway and College Rd, it is a private car park and opposite Crawley College.

All Day Parking – £2.70

Broadway Basement

Broadway Basement Parking
Image: Google

Located off The Broadway the underground private car park is right in the heart of the town.

All Day Parking – £3
1 Hour – £1.40

Town Hall

Town Hall parking
Image: Google

A council run multi-storey car park that is on Exchange Road next door to the Town Hall and opposite the Magistrates Court.

All Day Parking – £3.50
1 Hour – £1

Orchard Street Surface

Orchard Street Parking
Image: Google

A Council run car park that is off Pegler Way. The car park has a minimum payment for up to 2 hours.

All Day Parking – £3.50
Up to 2 hours – £2

Alternative for just 1 hour

Crawley Library

Image: Google

Located off Southgate Ave next to Crawley Library itself and is council run.

1 hour – £1

And the most expensive?

Boulevard East & West

Boulevard Parking
Image: Google

Situated along The Boulevard the car park is split into two, East and West but it’s central location does come at a cost.

All Day Parking – £6
1 Hour – £1.60

A full list of all car parks in the town can be found on the councils website by clicking here.


New post office services in Broadfield, Crawley means residents don’t have to go into town centre



The Post Office has been a widely debated topic in Crawley ever since it’s Boulevard closure and subsequent move into WHSmiths in The Mall.

But even once the move took place the debates continued as people argued about issues of access and parking to name just a couple.

With some local newsagents offering only limited post office services it has meant that Crawley residents were very limited in their choice of where they could go.

That is now changing as the full services available within WHSmith come to a Broadfield shop.

Broadfield Newsagent & Post Office will now be a complete alternative to all Crawley residents requiring the full services of the post office, services normally only found in the town centre location.

Whether it is paying bills, passport checking or vehicle tax, parcel drop off or cash withdrawal, foreign currency or document checking – everything you would expect to be able to do is coming to the local store.

What’s more, residents will not need to worry about paying for a car park or for having to contend with the town centre traffic. A large free car park in the relatively quiet Broadfield area means a quick trip really can be exactly that, ‘quick’.

The store is heavily involved in the community especially within Broadfield and works closely with the local police to raise safety levels in the area.

They have also won numerous awards including Top 100 independent retailer in the UK for 5 years in a row.

Broadfield Cllr Brian Quinn said:

“Very proud to have this first class facility in Broadfield with the bonus of having free parking which means easy access to the post-office for everybody.”

These extra services will be very welcomed by residents as the town works through the hardest crisis it and others across the country have had to face, and what better store to bring onboard these services, one that really does care about the people it serves.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi – part of a sign that is hung above the store tills at the newsagents itself:


The shops opening hours are:
Monday to Saturday – 7am to 7pm
Sunday and public holidays – 7.30 to 4pm

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