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‘Terrorists wish to divide us. We must ensure they fail.’ says Crawley Lib Dem candidate

Khalil Yousuf, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley has written an open letter following the terrorist attack in London.



The horrific terror attack in London on Friday 29 November has cast a dark shadow on us all.  The victims who gave their lives, the families and friends who have lost their loved ones, the heroic members of the public and valiant emergency services who battled hatred and violence to save more innocent lives are shining examples of what it means to be British. I grieve with them all and condemn this atrocity and others that have come before it in the strongest possible terms.

Some might have you believe that Britishness is defined by our race, our religion or belief or our background. It is not.  It is defined by our values, of tolerance, respect, unity, liberty, equality, democracy and the rule of law. These are at the heart of what it means to be British.

Hate is a disease.  It has no religion, no foundation, no justification.  It is criminality of the highest order which at its root seeks to deceitfully create division between cultures and communities across the country and across this town, at any cost. 

Over the coming days, you will hear calls for unity.  But you might also hear an unpleasant sometimes politically driven rhetoric which fans the flames of hatred as it seeks to divide communities (including in Crawley) and elsewhere for political ends.  When you see it or hear it, I ask you to reject it.

If we allow ourselves to be divided, to point the blame of one person’s criminality at the door of a community, a culture or a religion, we hand victory to the terrorists because it is precisely the destruction of our way of life that they seek to achieve. They want to change us, to anger and divide otherwise peaceful and harmonious communities and to use that very anger they create to justify more terror. We must not let them succeed.  We must immunise ourselves from the politics of hate and fear wherever it comes from. Our anger must be directed at guilty criminals not innocent communities and instead of allowing us to become divided, we must come together as a united nation, stronger and more unified than ever.

As a mark of respect for the victims, families, friends and all those who have been affected by this terror attack, the Liberal Democrats in Crawley did not campaign on Saturday 30 November 2019.

I ask everyone to join me in condemning extremism, terrorism and the politics of hate in every form and from every source.  The strength and unity of our town and indeed our nation depends on it.

Khalil Yousuf
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Crawley.


Conservatives win Crawley by increased majority

With a lead of 8,360 the Conservatives have increased their lead of Labour in Crawley.



Henry Smith has won the Crawley seat by increasing his lead of Labour considerably.

The full results were:

Conservative: 27,040

Labour: 18,680

Lib Dems: 2,728

Green Party: 1,451

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