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Temperatures around Gatwick among highest so far this year

Temperatures have hit just under 34°C near Gatwick.



The Met Office has announced that temperatures in the UK have already surpassed the hottest recorded so far in 2018, and a little close to home for Crawley residents.

Temperatures in the capital had already reached 30°C before 11am this morning, according to the Met Office. And by midday, the heat showed no signs of subsiding. Temperature hit just under 32°C in Santon Downham in Suffolk.

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But now, mercury levels in Charlwood have reached 33.9°C, briefly making it the hottest in the UK so far this year!

Temperatures in Heathrow have reportedly now exceeded this, making a new high for this year at 34.4°C – a mere 0.1°C off the highest temperature recorded for last year.

It looks like Crawley may be in for a change later today though, as the Met Office warn ‘there will be the risk of thunderstorms developing later in the day.’

Temperatures are expected to hit highs of 35°C today and experts won’t be surprised if the highest temperature on record for the UK will be experienced over the next couple of days.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was set on 10 August 2003 at Faversham in Kent, a sweltering 38.5°C!

The NHS issued some timely advice in preparation for the high temperatures:


Rain, rain and more rain as Storm Jorge to just miss Crawley



Many have hopeed that snow was coming to town. It has teased us, especially this morning when a light dusting arrived around Redhill and Reigate but soon vanished.

But despite rumours there is no sign of snow to come for Crawley just yet only more rain.

With storm Jorge making its arrival from tomorrow the good news is that it shouldn’t hit Crawley but heavy rain is expected.

While today, 27th Feb, will remain dry for the rest of the day and night the rains are to return tomorrow with a vengeance.

From 8am right through the main part of the working day, till 5pm expect plenty of rain fall with temperatures not exceeding 10 degrees.

Saturday too will see rain in the morning but it is expected to end by midday leaving the rest of the day dry but cloudy.

But the rain will come again next week arriving late on Tuesday with cooler temperatures around 6-7 degrees.

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