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Sussex is now likely to be only the third police force to be run by women and change is a very good way



So far it has only been the Metropolitan and the North Yorkshire police forces that have had women in the two top jobs.

Now change is coming to Sussex and there is a palatable excitement in the air both within the force and from across the county.

Already, those who work closely with the police, in particular the media, have already begun to experience change. It is a change that is very much needed and could set an example, not just to future leaders, but to other forces across the country.

It is all about transparency, working together and not seperately, something that will create partnerships and alliances rather than feeling seperated or at loggerheads.

Sources close to the newly nominated Jo Shiner have already commented on her passion for change, for listening and learning and acting on the feedback but also for her approachability. No red tape just to be able to speak to her. Something forces have desperately needed to do for a long time.

Couple that with Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne’s never ending enthusiasm to really mould the force here into a true community working side by side with residents and businesses and you have something being achieved that many forces elsewhere struggle with on a daily basis. It’s not there yet but it is coming and quickly.

Already media outlets have begun to experience a change in the way Sussex Police communicate with them and even the officers on the front line are changing in the way they communicate with reporters at incidents.

But this is just one tiny example of change that is happening, there will be many more which makes this a very exciting time for the force and those involved with them will be glued with anticipation to see what happens next.


24-year-old man stabbed to death at Three Bridges, Crawley



A man has died from his injuries after being stabbed in Three Bridges, Crawley.

Emergency services were called to Russell Way at 9pm on Tuesday (October 27), where they found the 24-year-old victim seriously injured.

He was treated by paramedics and an air ambulance doctor, but despite the specialist care provided was sadly declared dead at the scene.

A suspect, known to the victim, is being sought by police in connection with the incident, which is believed to be confined to the two people involved.

Anyone with information is asked to report online or call 101 quoting Operation Parkhead.

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