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Successful Horsham production comes to Crawley

Find out about the show that the National Operatic & Dramatic Association (NODA) have described as ‘exceptional’.



After putting on a hugely successful performance at Horsham’s North Heath Hall on 14th and 15th April 2018, Manor Theatre Group decided to bring their war-themed productions to Crawley.

The performances come as a double bill at Ifield Barn Theatre on 15th and 16th June 2018. The Horsham based Theatre Group will be in Queens Square this Saturday (9 June). From 2pm the actors will be there in authentic uniforms with rifles promoting the show.

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Part one is titled “Keep the Homefires Burning”. Commemorating the Great War, it tells the interweaving story of the men in the Trenches, the nurses in the field hospital and the loved ones left behind. A Poignant drama, that centres around love and loss in Word War 1.

The second part, “Pvt. Wars” is about three G.I.s recovering from Vietnam War injuries and their time on the terrace of an Army hospital.

“A brilliant evening”
“Another winner for Manor Theatre”
-The National Operatic & Dramatic Association (NODA)

Manor Theatre Group Chairman, Andrew Page said:

“Crawley has a vibrant theatre scene and we are very excited to be a part of it. Manor Theatre Group usually do their performances in North Heath Hall Horsham, however since having the privilege of becoming chairman in February, I really wanted to take our shows to a real theatre.  

“Manor Theatre Group have often seen fantastic shows at Ifield Barn Theatre, and have gained a great relationship with the group.  With this current show being such a success in April and with rave reviews, we thought other audiences elsewhere would truly appreciate what we are performing.  Ifield Barn kindly agreed to let us use their venue. 

“We very much consider this to be a community event.”

You can check out the trailer for their production below:

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BREAKING NEWS: Dispersal Order for Tilgate Park from Friday 5th June



Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb has announced that a dispersal order is to be in place from 5th June.

Speaking on his weekly live stream on Facebook Councillor Lamb said:

“We also now have a dispersal order in place in Tilgate Park from tomorrow morning in response to the poor behaviour we have seen in there over recent weeks.

This will give police the immediate power to kick people out and deal with fines if they dont move. Most people are very well behaved but it is the few that make it incredibly difficult.”

What does this mean?

A dispersal power will give the police the power to disperse individuals or groups causing or likely to cause ASB in public places.

Police officers will be able to require a person to leave an area and not return for up to 48 hours.

Fines can apply for those who do not comply and in very serious situations a prison term is also an option.

With police patrols increasing through the Tilgate Park area it is hoped this additional measure will help alleviate problems.

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