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Stranded passengers furious with easyJet after being dumped at hotel with no information



A large group of passengers are furious with easyJet after their flight was cancelled last night and they were forced to spend a night at a hotel with no information.

The passengers were left waiting at the terminal with no information until two hours after the flight was supposed to leave.

The flight EZY8071 for Venice was scheduled to depart at 20:00 on the 10th Dec, but due to conditions the airline had to cancel it.

One passenger, Carina Busato said:

“We understand that weather can affect flights but we have just been dumped in a hotel and have no idea what we are supposed to do.  They first told us we would be booked on a flight on the 13th and then an hour later on the 14th.

They said we would be put up in a hotel till the next available flight but no-one at the hotel knows anything and we cannot contact anyone at easyJet.

We just want to know what we are supposed to do but no-one is helping and now we have no-where to stay.”

Carina goes on to explain that at the easyJet desk at Gatwick the staff were unable to inform them about anything and even said they were about to finish their shift so no-one would be able to help.

The passengers were told vouchers were available for them and they just had to rebook their flights to obtain them, but none of the passengers were able to use the app.

Police were called as the passengers got angry

The passengers began to get very annoyed and at one point even the airports police were called to the desk as heated exchanges took place.  A couple of passengers did point out that because of the language barrier it was difficult to communicate and this could have been part of the problem.

A hotel spokesperson said they had been given no information about the passengers staying more than one night and were unable to contact anyone at easyJet to help them.

Only a couple of the passengers speak any english and this antagonised the situation with children restless and some passengers requiring medicine having to find their own way to a hospital for help.

An unwell passenger who was left at the airport.

Some passengers unable to wait till the 14th have already booked themselves on flights leaving from Bristol but with the weather turning bad they are concerned if they will even be able to get there.

A spokesperson for easyJet said they were looking into the situation as a priority.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin hall

    11th December 2017 at 11:49 am

    There is an old saying , you get what you pay for, cheap flight = cheap service,

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