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‘Stop this nonsense now!’ Crawley residents outcry as scenes of selfishness portray sad reality of some shoppers



Credit: Louise Dukes

The pictures have been shown on every news network across the land.

Panic buying taken to a whole new level. Empty shelves, shops having to limit the quantities that people can purchase and yet still the long queues are seen wrapping themselves around street corners.

Now photos sent into Crawley News 24 show the true extent of what is happening in Crawley.

Empty shelves seen in Sainsbury’s West Green. Credit: Louise Dukes

Stores are opening just for elderly and vulnerable people and yet still this courses discord amongst many.

Iceland in Horley had to close the entire store yesterday after several people caused an incident which forced the police to be called in.

But the reality is that panic buying is just getting out of hand as more and more are dragged along with the surge in worry.

New emergency measures are being brought in to allow supermarkets to communicate with each other so that supplies can be monitored and yet there is no food shortage, just demand, which shoppers themselves have created and are causing the problem, not COVID-19.

Now residents are beginning to vent their frustration as more scenes of empty shelves begin to be the norm.

Credit: Louise Dukes

Some families have reported they are not coping as shortages of goods they need are being hoarded by others.

Italy, on the other hand, a country that is suffering with more deaths than anywhere else on the planet, has no such issue. Their supermarkets are mostly stocked without problem and there are no panic buyers queueing for hundreds of metres around streets.

“Stop this nonsense now!” demanded another West Green resident to several shoppers literally running down an aisle to grab the last items left. But the words fall of deaf ears.

Yes this is a crisis and one that is unique and a problem for the entire country. BUT, this isn’t something we cannot cope with if we all work together.

You CAN still get your favourite food, you CAN still buy your toiletries, you CAN still pick up baby milk IF and ONLY IF we all stop, as the lady in West Green put it, this nonsense.

Crawley, heed this please!


Powerful viruscide used across Southern Rails stations and trains to kill Coronavirus



Govia Thameslink Railway’s entire fleet of Southern, Thameslink, Great Northern and Gatwick Express trains, plus stations and staff areas have been treated with a powerful new viruscide which sticks to surfaces, killing the Coronavirus for up to 30 days.

The product further improves GTR’s already-enhanced cleaning regime, in which stations and staff areas are treated with more short-term viruscides, and all 2,700 of its train carriages are sanitised every night.

While the current advice remains to only use public transport if you absolutely have to, the product provides another layer of protection for passengers who do need to travel such as key workers and staff who are valiantly supporting the national effort on the front line.

To help support everyone’s focus on keeping their hands clean, GTR has also ordered 1,000 no-touch hand sanitisers for staff and passengers which are being distributed to stations. 

A specially-developed app also tells staff at-a-glance when each train carriage was last cleaned with the long-lasting viruscide.

Engineering Director Steve Lammin said:

“Since the outbreak of this pandemic we have been doing all we can to protect our passengers and staff by ensuring our trains, and stations have enhanced cleaning regimes, and a switch in focus to high-touch areas and the increased use of anti-viral agents.

“We are now using a product that will kill Coronavirus for up to 30 days and we are applying this to surfaces across our network on a 21-day cycle. We want to do everything possible to work with passengers and staff to keep them safe and this will further protect everyone who is working so hard for this country.”

Electrostatic ‘wands’ (pictured and on video) have been used around stations and staff areas and GTR is deploying ‘Storm’ virus-killer backpacks which were used in NHS Nightingale Hospitals, as they cover large areas quickly. On trains, the new product needs to be applied traditionally with a microfibre cloth. In all locations, it is applied only after the entire surface area has been thoroughly cleaned and degreased.

Stations, trains and staff areas were already receiving enhanced cleans through additional extra staff, new 24-hour viruscide products and a switch to focus attention on passenger and staff touchpoints. Use of the 30-day viruscide will help GTR renew its focus on out of reach places to further improve the appearance of trains.

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