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Stop making ‘Bombastic’ claims about the police demands Crawley Lib Dem Candidate

Following recent comments about additional police officers being recruited, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Crawley, Khalil Yousuf, says he is incredulous over Conservative comments.



In response to comments made by Henry Smith over police numbers during a visit by Sussex Polcie and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, Khalil Yousuf says there are three reasons why the public should take the Conservative candidate Henry Smith’s announcement the other day of additional police officers with a big pinch of salt.

In his letter he says:

“Except for figures for this election year, Police Officer numbers in Sussex have fallen every year since 2015.

While in contrast, Henry Smith said:

Some want to play politics with our police with inaccurate claims that Crawley has seen a reduction in officer numbers over recent years. However, figures show that Crawley officer numbers have not fallen over the last five years.”

Based on information publicly available from the Home Office, the actual facts are that officer numbers have fallen from 2015 when Sussex Police had 2810 police officers, to 2549 police officers in 2018. In this 2019 election year, officer numbers increased to 2629.

Mr Yousuf says that the statistics show that officer numbers have fallen.

“Recruiting 20,000 police officers still means we have 12,300 fewer officers than in 2010.

Recruiting 20,000 police officers does not make up for the 32,300 officers that have been lost since 2010.  Since 2010, we have lost 20,500 police officers, 4,800 special constables and over 7,000 police community support officers, who I would argue are backbone of community policing.

The fact is that even after the Government’s promised 20,000 “new” officers, that means there will be been 12,300 fewer uniformed officers than in 2010. This crucial context is absent in Commissioner Bourne and Henry Smith’s press release.

Independent fact-checking charity Full Fact says that accounting for growth in population, the number of police officers per person has fallen by 19% since 2010.

In the last year, 75% of reported crimes in Crawley Town Centre resulted in no further action.

Based on figures from Sussex Police, in Crawley Town Centre alone, between October 2018 and September 2019, there were 505 cases of violence and sexual offences.  In total, there were 2245 crimes reported. Of these 75% resulted in no further action. 

Fewer front-line officers mean that Police officers in Crawley have a tremendously challenging task in having to deal with front line operations, neighbourhood and roads policing. The reality is that recruitment, selection and training resources are in extremely short supply, and the money that the Government are promising is unlikely to be enough to recruit, train and equip the officers that they are promising to deliver.

“Public servants, like police officers do a difficult job and are often politicised during elections.  They and the public who deserve accurate information and are entitled to be treated with respect.  The starting point of that is to be open and honest about where the problems are and how they are to be resolved.  If we truly want to build a country that in which there is justice, safety and genuinely supported public services, Bombastic claims are the last thing anyone needs.

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‘NHS patients in Crawley are being abandoned’ claims Lib Dems candidate

Khalil Yousuf, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Crawley has hit out at what he says is a ‘dismal record’ on the NHS by the Conservatives.



Only 87.6% of patients arriving at A&E in Surrey and East Sussex STP were treated or admitted within four hours last month (October) – so says Lib Dem candidate Khalil Yousuf.

Mr Yousuf claims that figures published by NHS England show that the target of 95% was missed by 8% and that in-fact the target hasn’t even been met since July 2015.

Mr Yousuf said:

“It is shameful that patients in Crawley are being abandoned, be it waiting for hours for treatment in A&E or for months in pain for routine operations.

“These figures reveal the Conservatives’ dismal record on the NHS. For the past four years the Tories have utterly failed to invest properly in our health service, leaving local hospitals underfunded, overstretched and understaffed.

“Their extreme Brexit would make a dismal situation worse by driving away the EU nurses the NHS desperately needs.

“The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and build a brighter future. We will invest an extra £35 billion in our NHS through a penny on income tax and develop a national recruitment strategy to ensure we never again suffer shortages of nurses, doctors and other health professionals.”

Mr Yousuf’s comments come after the Liberal Democrats said they would add an extra 1p on income tax from April 2020, with the revenue ringfenced for the NHS and social care, which they say is forecast to raise £35.1 billion over the next five years.

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