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Southern Water, what is so hard about telling people what is going on?

Southern Water heavily criticised over poor communication during water crisis.



A few tweets and facebook updates were hardly what people in Crawley needed when they discovered late yesterday that they would be losing their water supplies.

With a large number of elderly people affected and no access to social media or the internet residents are astonished at the sheer lack of information provided by the water company.

Even up to the morning rush hour residents and even companies were ‘begging’ Southern Water to provide an update and let them know whether they would be able to open their premises.

At 8:30am this morning Southern Finally made an announcement on Facebook saying:

“We’re pleased to say our customers affected by loss of supply in the #RH10 and #RH11 postcode areas of #Crawley should start to see their supply back, or will see it restored shortly.

While supplies are being restored to those affected, we would like to warn people this is a complex task and we cannot yet guarantee exactly when supplies will be fully restored to all customers.

In addition to continuing to restore supplies, we still have teams visiting vulnerable customers to keep them supplied with bottled water and we now have bottled water available for all customers. Post to follow with further details.

We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank everyone affected for their patience. Please keep checking our online pages for updates.”

West Sussex County Council tweeted at 9:17am

Crawley MP Henry Smith said:

“Southern Water’s lack of preparedness which has led to water restrictions in recent hours across Crawley is unacceptable. I’m taking this serious issue up with the supplier and will do with the Environment Secretary in Parliament on Thursday.

This is an appalling lack of winter preparedness and planning – Southern Water need to restore supplies urgently, better explain to #Crawley residents why they have failed, compensate and prevent such future large scale incidents.”

Southern Water provided thousands of bottled water this morning for Crawley Residents but it appears it was all in vain.  Speaking to a representative there they said hardly any water had been collected as most of the people they had spoken to had already found their water was restored.

Hardly any water has been collected by residents.

22 pallets with thousands of bottles of water were provided this morning. Only a few bottles have been taken.

If anyone urgently needs water, it can be collected at Saunders Close RH10 7AG.

The latest update from Crawley Borough Council came as a post on social media at 10.56am:

Southern Water has a link for any residents wanting to know about compensation.  You can find the information by clicking here.

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Why was Crawley and Ifield Avenue closed last night?

Just before 8pm last night (13th Dec) drivers reported being diverted as they approached the roundabout.



(Image: Google Street View)

At around 7:45 pm police closed Crawley Avenue and Ifield Avenue.

A man was seen threatening to jump from the road bridge.

Police and ambulances arrived on the scene and quickly secured the area by closing the roads and diverting traffic.  Many reported buses having to detour through Ifield.

The man was eventually detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

The road was reopened at 8pm.

The man has now been passed into the care of health professionals.

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