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Southern Rail warn passengers to complete their journeys by 3pm today

Gatwick Express have issued a similar warning, and a video by Network Rail shows information on how snow and ice causes delays to trains.



Adverse weather is having a massive impact on those attempting to travel across most of the UK, and now Southern Rail are warning passengers to complete their journeys ‘BEFORE 3pm today’.

Posting on Twitter, Southern Rail have said that although ‘good service’ is currently running on most routes, things could change later this afternoon:

More news: ‘Extreme weather’ brings further disruption to Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Express have also issued a warning:

South Eastern Rail shared a video on social media showing just one of the ways ice can cause disruption to trains:

A video by Network Rail shows further information:

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Why was Crawley and Ifield Avenue closed last night?

Just before 8pm last night (13th Dec) drivers reported being diverted as they approached the roundabout.



(Image: Google Street View)

At around 7:45 pm police closed Crawley Avenue and Ifield Avenue.

A man was seen threatening to jump from the road bridge.

Police and ambulances arrived on the scene and quickly secured the area by closing the roads and diverting traffic.  Many reported buses having to detour through Ifield.

The man was eventually detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

The road was reopened at 8pm.

The man has now been passed into the care of health professionals.

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