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‘She’s my baby!’ Crawley womans plea for help turns to joy as 8-month-old Shih Tzu is found



Only months ago Louise, 30, a sales assistant from Crawley lost her 4-year-old Shih Tzu Dolly to a possible poisoning.

Having lived in Crawley all her life Louise has always loved dogs and after the heartbreak of losing her young companion she made the decision to bring a new one into her family.

Louise travelled to Kent to find a reputable breeder and was overjoyed when Luna was found.

Louise with Luna.

“She’s my baby!” says Louise. “It was so hard after losing Dolly but Luna brought light back into the family.”

But on Saturday (31st August) a trip to a groomer turned into a frantic search as Luna became spooked and ran off.

Desperate to find her, Louise and her friends began searching and an appeal went out across social media with numerous groups posting appeal messages and photos.

Louise who lives in Broadfield had decided to travel to a new groomer in Pound Hill. So when Luna ran off it was into an area she did not know.

Luna ran off in The Canter and headed into the fields and woodland that leads up to the M23.

But with a small underpass nearby and recent sightings on the other side of the motorway it appeared the little Shih Tzu was completely lost.

But it was the outpouring of support from the Crawley community that really touched Louise and her family.

On Wednesday (4th Sept) Louise made another appeal for help:

“I am so grateful for everyone coming to find luna.” says Louise, “please keep trying to find Luna and keep your eyes open for her. If you do find her then please just contact me straight away and don’t chase her as she will be so nervous. What everyone is doing for me and my family I am so grateful for and cannot thank everyone enough.”

The the next day, Thursdat 5th Sept there was joy as Luna was suddenly found.

Posting on facebook Louise said:

“😭 I’m shaking can’t believe we have her she’s at the vets now I’m fingers crossing everything will be ok but her eye doesn’t look good. Just
Glad we have her oh my god 😭😭😭💗💗💗💗 please if you see posters take them down for me I’m out now trying to grab as many as I can whilst we wait for news from the vets. THANK you all so so so sooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Luna is found.


Homelessness Crisis in Crawley will leave many destitute this Christmas

As cold weather approaches, Khalil Yousuf, Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary Candidate in the forthcoming election has expressed grave concern for the welfare of scores of rough sleepers in Crawley.



Khalil Yousuf with the volunteers of Crawley Giving Back during an evening feeding and supporting the Homeless in Crawley Town Centre

Khalil met dozens of homeless people in Crawley Town Centre during an evening of homeless feeding run by Giving Back Crawley.

Many of the homeless in Crawley suffer from long-term addiction, mental health issues and entrenched homelessness.

Khalil Yousuf, Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley said:

Homelessness and hidden homelessness is increasing, while the number of social homes is dwindling. House prices have also grown way above the rate of inflation. It is essential that we increase support for homelessness prevention and adequately fund age-appropriate emergency accommodation and supported housing.”

Khalil also said:

“I commend the outstanding work of volunteers at Crawley Giving Back and Crawley Open House who provide tremendous support to some of the most needy and forgotten in our society. As colder weather approaches, the support of these wonderful people is likely to be the only Christmas present the homeless in Crawley will get.”

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that there were an estimated 726 deaths of homeless people in England and Wales registered in 2018. At 22%, this is the highest year-to-year increase since ONS time series began.

To address rising homelessness, the Liberal Democrats say they will require local authorities to provide 28 days of emergency accommodation for all people, including foreign nationals, who become homeless and have nowhere safe to stay, whether single or a family.

The Liberal Democrats also say they will better resource mental health services to support those leaving care and all those who become homeless.

They claim that by investing £11bn into mental health, they will bring parity of urgency with physical health.

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