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‘She’s my baby!’ Crawley womans plea for help turns to joy as 8-month-old Shih Tzu is found



Only months ago Louise, 30, a sales assistant from Crawley lost her 4-year-old Shih Tzu Dolly to a possible poisoning.

Having lived in Crawley all her life Louise has always loved dogs and after the heartbreak of losing her young companion she made the decision to bring a new one into her family.

Louise travelled to Kent to find a reputable breeder and was overjoyed when Luna was found.

Louise with Luna.

“She’s my baby!” says Louise. “It was so hard after losing Dolly but Luna brought light back into the family.”

But on Saturday (31st August) a trip to a groomer turned into a frantic search as Luna became spooked and ran off.

Desperate to find her, Louise and her friends began searching and an appeal went out across social media with numerous groups posting appeal messages and photos.

Louise who lives in Broadfield had decided to travel to a new groomer in Pound Hill. So when Luna ran off it was into an area she did not know.

Luna ran off in The Canter and headed into the fields and woodland that leads up to the M23.

But with a small underpass nearby and recent sightings on the other side of the motorway it appeared the little Shih Tzu was completely lost.

But it was the outpouring of support from the Crawley community that really touched Louise and her family.

On Wednesday (4th Sept) Louise made another appeal for help:

“I am so grateful for everyone coming to find luna.” says Louise, “please keep trying to find Luna and keep your eyes open for her. If you do find her then please just contact me straight away and don’t chase her as she will be so nervous. What everyone is doing for me and my family I am so grateful for and cannot thank everyone enough.”

The the next day, Thursdat 5th Sept there was joy as Luna was suddenly found.

Posting on facebook Louise said:

“😭 I’m shaking can’t believe we have her she’s at the vets now I’m fingers crossing everything will be ok but her eye doesn’t look good. Just
Glad we have her oh my god 😭😭😭💗💗💗💗 please if you see posters take them down for me I’m out now trying to grab as many as I can whilst we wait for news from the vets. THANK you all so so so sooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Luna is found.


Trainee officers visit Crawley to gain insight into faith communities

Greater knowledge and understanding of all the communities the force serves enables officers to more effectively engage and serve the people of Sussex.



Sussex police trainees visited the Sikh Gudwara (top left), the Crawley Islamic Masjid (top right) and the the Apple Tree Hindu Temple (bottom)

That’s why Multi-faith Day has become a regular part of police officer training, giving new recruits an opportunity to gain a greater insight into various faiths and cultures

More than 70 trainee police constables visited the Apple Tree Hindu temple, the Sikh Gudwara and the Islamic Centre & Masjid in Crawley last week where they met community members and found out more about their religions and ways of life.

Trainee PC Matt Seekings, who will join the Brighton and Hove policing team in November, said:

“It was a really enjoyable day and a great opportunity to meet with people of various religions and cultures and ask questions in a safe respectful learning environment.

“We found out how we can best serve and engage people of their faith and carry out our duty with maximum respect and minimum disruption. For example, if we were dealing with a sudden death or delivering the death message.”

“We as the police are here to serve the public interest and we can only do that effectively if we know, understand and respect the differences and diversity of our communities.”

As part of the cultural experience, the 72 trainees and their trainers also took part in meals – and in some cases, rolled up their sleeves and helped wash the dishes.

“We were really touched that volunteers at the Sikh Gudwara had got up early and cooked a meal for a group of 80,” said Matt. “So we wanted to pay them back by helping out with the dishes.”

Bharat Lukka of the Apple Tree Centre said:

“The Hindu community was pleased to welcome the trainee officers and help them build an understanding about Hindu culture and the community here in Crawley. It’s reassuring to know that these trainees are there to help and engage with our communities.”

Shahid Zaman, Education Secretary of the Crawley Islamic Centre & Masjid, said:

“It was a pleasure to host the officers. We look forward to continuing to organise similar events in the future.”

Davinder Kaur Ghundale of the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Gudawara, added,

“If this has made a difference to at least one officer and their interactions with the Sikh community, then it is a job well done.”

Chief Superintendent Jayne Dando, Race Equality Champion said:

“Sussex Police works hard each and every day to engage with our diverse communities. We liaise with a number of Interfaith Networks and our Prevention Teams have strong local contacts.

“Offering this Multi faith day as part of training is just one of the ways we enhance and ensure our officers understanding of the communities they serve across the county. It also enables us to understand community concerns and build strong relationships.”               

The 72 trainee officers will join their policing teams across the county in early November.

Interested in joining Sussex as a police officer? They are currently recruiting for new PCs. Deadline is 19th September. Apply on Sussex Police website

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