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Search for man after 7-year-old boy rushed to surgery following incident in Crawley



A 7-year-old boy from Crawley had to endure hours in theatre after an incident on the outskirts of the town last Friday 9th July after a man jumped out at him causing him to fall into a ditch.

Adele Norris’ young sons were out riding their bicycles up towards the Pease Pottage roundabout along the A23 around 1pm last friday when her youngest son was approached by a man with two dogs.

According to Adele, her son said that the man jumped out at him causing her son to fall into a ditch.

The young boy started to scream for help from him brother but as he got up he saw blood running down his leg.

In-fact the young boy had suffered a serious 4 inch wound to the side of his groin which required urgent surgery due to the possibility of internal bleeding.

Luckily the surgery was a success but now the young boy is suffering from anxiety and thoughts of the man coming to attack him at home.

But Adele is desperate for help from the public.

Speaking to CN24 she said:

“My son said the man was dark skinned with grey hair and had two dogs with him. My older son also said that when he was carrying his brother away he saw a woman walking her dog who may have seen something.

“If he hadn’t had surgery so quickly he could of died from internal bleeding. They had to stitch his vein back together. I dont no if he will suffer from any physical lasting damage to him but he has ASD and anxiety and so I know this will be a lasting mentally damage to him.

If anyone can help find or identify this man then please get in touch with police.”

Sussex Police confirmed they are looking into the incident saying:

“Shortly before 1.30am on Sunday (July 12), police were contacted by a member of the public reporting concerns around the origin of an injury suffered by another person. Officers have made contact with the injured person and enquiries are ongoing.”


BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus cases jump 200% in one week across Crawley



On Monday 14th Sept the new “rule of six” comes into force across England with news breaking today that children under 12 will not be exempt from it.

The new rules mean people are limited to meeting in groups no larger than six people both indoors and outdoors.

The rule ‘could’ potentially be coming slightly too late as new figures for Crawley reveal a 200% jump in recorded cases in just one week.

People need to realise the harm it can do you without putting you directly in hospital

Data from the UK public health bodies shows that in last week (2nd – 8th Sept) there were 15 NEW cases reported in Crawley. This number does not seem a lot but when compared to the week(s) before it shows a dramatic jump.

In only the previous week there were only 5 new cases reported, with 4 separate days reporting no cases at all.

But in the past week this figure jumped with 8 reported in one day alone.

So far the worst single day for reported cases in Crawley was back on the 28th April when 19 cases were reported in a day.

To date, since recording began there have been 502 cases, with 77 of these resulting in death.

As more parts of the UK are also having to deal with stricter lock down restrictions Crawley remains below the national average of cases per 100,000 at 13. The national average is currently 18.

The towns neighbour, Horsham, saw an even greater rise of 360% with 23 cases reported between 2-8 Sept.

Across the UK an additional 3.497 cases were reported in the past 24 hours, an increase of 36% on the same day a week ago, taking the total to 365,174.

A local doctor, who asked to remain anonymous, said her and her colleagues were very worried about how too many people were downplaying the risk of infection.

“I hear every day some people talking about how the number of people in hospital through Covid are so low so we shouldn’t worry about the number of cases increasing – but we should. People need to realise the harm it can do you without putting you directly in hospital.”

But questions on how the new rules will be enforced are still not clear with new statements released from the Police that talk about ‘engaging, encouraging and explaining’ before even considering taking any action.

A source close to Sussex Police has told Crawley News 24 that there is both confusion and dismay within the ranks about who and how officers are going to contend with issues of larger groups than allowed meeting up, while juggling the increase of daily issues that are returning since the full lockdown.

Another source said they were awaiting a full outline of what powers the police really will have on Monday (14th Sept) before officers would be given full guidance on what they should do.

Sussex Police told Crawley News 24:

“As we start to see a rise in infections it is vitally important that we all follow the regulations and restrictions in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Everyone has a role to play limiting the outbreak by following the regulations, including those about gatherings which will be limited to six people both indoors and outside when the new legislation comes into force on Monday 14 September.

People need to take personal responsibility for their actions, in particular during this heath emergency, and this includes adhering to the latest government guidance.

Sussex Police will continue its approach of engaging, encouraging and explaining the current regulations and only taking enforcement action when necessary. “

Only 1 week after schools reopen, a couple of weeks after a house party alarmed residents in the town, (and Crawley Council confirming they were investigating the event), and new rules coming into force, all eyes will now be set to see just how well the town responds to the new measures and whether the rise is just a ‘blip’ or if it is a sign of a returning rise.

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