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Runway back open but ‘limited flights’ as Gatwick starts the catch up

Whilst flights have now begun taking off and landing therre are still lots of delays and cancellations.



It landed just after 6am this morning, the first flight to use Gatwicks runway since the drone saga began.

It was shortly joined by a flight departing for Lapland.

700 flights have been scheduled for today, down from 760 which still shows that cancellations are taking place.

The message to anyone travelling from Gatwick today is to check with their airline first.

A statement from Gatwick says:

“Gatwick’s runway is currently available having reopened at 06:00. A limited number of aircraft are taking off and landing at Gatwick this morning but our departures and arrivals rate is currently very restricted to just a few runway movements every hour so passengers must expect delays and cancellations again today. Gatwick continues to strongly advise passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline before travelling to the airport.

Overnight we have been able to work with partners, including Government agencies and the Military to put measures in place which have provided the confidence we needed to re-open the runway and ensure the safety of passengers, which remains our priority.

We continue to provide welfare and information to all disrupted passengers who are at the airport and have had teams in throughout the night. Our priority today is to get our operation back on track so that people can be where they need to be for Christmas, and we will update as more information becomes available throughout the day.”

Questions still remain though as to who was responsible for flying these drones.

The transport secretary Chris Grayling said:

“This has not been experienced anywhere in the world before.  It is a disruption incident of a kind we have not experienced before. “

Police joined by other government agencies are still working hard to track down those responsible and the wording used has been very stern, but words and actions need to bring about results before confidence will return.


Over a tonne of dangerous skin lightening creams seized at Gatwick Airport

More than a tonne of potentially carcinogenic cosmetics, including skin lightening creams, were seized at Gatwick Airport.



West Sussex Trading Standards officers came to inspect the products after they were alerted by Border Force.

Officers noticed many of these brands had previously been found to contain hydroquinone – a banned substance linked to causing cancer.

Ten products were sent for safety testing and all failed. Eight contained hydroquinone and two were incorrectly labelled.

An investigation is taking place into the importer.

The products arrived into Gatwick Airport on 15 May 2019.

Peter Aston, Trading Standards Team Manager, said:

“Skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone that haven’t been prescribed by a doctor are banned in the UK, as they can cause serious side effects if used incorrectly. 

“Although some of the products detained listed hydroquinone as an ingredient, most did not and we must remind those using these types of products to only buy from reputable sources.”

Debbie Kennard, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member, said:

“These products are very dangerous and have been linked to causing cancer and other skin diseases. I would like to thank our Trading Standards team for helping to put a stop to this unscrupulous trade.”

If you have been supplied with a skin lightening cream that lists hydroquinone as an ingredient, you can let Trading Standards know by calling the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 0405060 or by visiting

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