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SHOCKING TRUTH: Crawley’s public ‘cruising’ spots revealed

This is not about driving around with your seat in an almost horizontal position and loud unintelligible music blaring out of your 12,000 Watt sound system.



This is about men looking for sex in public places, something that many will be outraged about.

Whilst the idea of some outdoor fun may not appeal to some it does have a wide appeal to others up and down the UK and there are websites that help feed those who lust after it.

One of the most popular sites (which we will not name) even lists locations across the town with precise details such as best times, reviews and even a comments section.

Cowdray Forest, Buchan Country Park and Ifield Green are listed as the towns most popular outdoor areas best served late at night.

But while the woodland areas serve as obvious locations it is the less so ones which may cause some alarm to residents and visitors.

Four public toilets across town are advertised with one, the most popular, being in the town centre just down from the town hall.

The Boulevard Toilets in the town centre is among the most popular. Photo: Google Street View

The toilets on the Boulevard are listed as being most popular around 5pm during weekdays and lunchtime on Saturdays and warns visitors that it can get very busy.

Pound Hill Parade toilets. Photo: Google Street View

Another one is the Pound Hill Parade toilets, listed as being most popular during the daytime in the early afternoon although the site does say that previous visitors have complained that some are not cleaning up after themselves!

The third is the toilets on Gossops Green Parade which say they are popular all day.

Furnace Green Parade toilets. Photo: Google Street View.

Furnace Green Parade toilets gets a 3/5 star rating saying lunchtimes are the best.

But toilets and woodland walks are not the only places.

Several gyms and hotels are also listed around the town as are a service station and path from the town into West Green.

In-fact the West Green Alleyway is listed as being so popular in the late evenings that it is given a 5/5 rating.

But while some may read this with disdain it is worth noting that sex in public places is still becoming more and more popular, but what WILL concern people is the very public locations advertised that are used by everyday folk and families.

Now the law does state that a person is commiting an offence if they intentionally expose themselves to someone who would be alarmed or distressed.

It is also a crime to engage in sexual activity within a public toilet.

BUT the very fear of being caught is what many say is part of the driving force behind them doing it and don’t expect the police to be heavy handed with punishments. If there are no complaints from the public then the police are unlikely to get involved.

Crawley Borough Council and Sussex Police have been approached for comment.


Update on man found unconscious in Memorial Gardens, Crawley



Police have released an update after a man was found unconscious in Memorial Gardens, Crawley on Wednesday 9th Oct.

A man found slumped face down amd unconscious near a bench on the north side of Memorial Gardens, Crawley, at 8.21am on Wednesday (9 October) had sustained a head injury, the cause of which is being investigated by police.

Officers are conducting enquiries to establish if another person was involved and are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen the man earlier that morning or who noticed anything suspicious.

The man, aged 47 and of no fixed address, was flown by air ambulance to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, suffering from a life-threatening condition.

He is currently in intensive care.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Sussex Police online or phone 101, quoting serial 274 of 09/10.

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