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Power cuts across Crawley affecting homes and businesses

UK Power Networks are saying it may take a couple of hours before power is restored to all residents.



UK Power Networks are investigating a high voltage overhead electricity line fault that has caused a power cut across many neighbourhoods in Crawley.

Many residents and businesses noticed soon after 7am that power had been cut to their homes.

Reports have come in from Ifield, West Green, Three Birdges, Southgate, and Langley Green. Some businesses have also been affected.

UK Power Networks apologised for the outage and full details have now been published here.


‘Let’s form a coalition’ – Crawley’s Conservative leader strikes back at Labour with new proposal as political chess game heats up



If you thought the political games were going to calm down this week then think again.

After the last few weeks of turmoil within Crawley Council it is all set to keep going as new political chess moves are made.

Now a leaked email has revaled that Crawley’s Conservative Leader has stuck back after the Labour and Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb made the first move inviting a motion of no confidence to be tabled.

In an email to the Council Leader, the Conservative leader Duncan Crow says:

“I invite you to meet with me in person to discuss options such as; forming a full coalition that we could potentially call a ‘Crawley Unity Coalition’, other power sharing arrangements, or a ‘confidence and supply agreement’ on key polices with a one-party Cabinet that has a major allocation of other influential Council positions for the other party(s).”

But this move isn’t the only political revelation of the day.

It has now been confirmed by West Sussex County Council that the recently resigned councillor Karen Sudan, who made her announcement last week to go independent, is in-fact still a Labour councillor in the County Council.

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