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Polls open and Crawley votes

It’s a wet and icy start to the day as polls across Crawley open.



It has been a very short cmapaign for all the parties but it all comes down to today.

With polling stations open till 10pm tonight all candidates and their campaign teams have been hitting the streets since the early hours encouraging every resident to place that vote.

At the last general election on 2017 Henry Smith won for the Conservatives ove Labours Tim Lunnon with a majority of only 2,457.

With Conservatives having represented Crawley since 2010 it will be up to Labours Peter Lamb to swing the vote.

The two other candidates, Lib Dems Khalil Yousuf and Iain Dickson for the Greens are also hoping to take away some of the votes as they vie for a stake.

For a list of all the polling stations in Crawley click here.


West Sussex raises alert level as more coronavirus cases are confirmed



The current alert level in West Sussex has been escalated to “yellow” (raised local alertness) which means there is an increasing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus. This is in line with the increase in cases being seen nationally. There were 116 confirmed cases in West Sussex in the last seven days.

The County Council has introduced a traffic light system (green, yellow, amber and red) to keep residents informed about the current rate of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the county.

With the rise in cases, residents are being asked to take preventative action to stop the spread of the virus.

This includes following the “Rule of Six” which means you should not meet in groups of more than six people from outside your household both indoors and outdoors.

Residents should continue to wash hands regularly, practise social distancing, wear a face mask when appropriate and get tested when they have symptoms.

Amanda Jupp, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said:

“So far in West Sussex we have seen a relatively low number of cases of coronavirus. However in line with national trends there has been an increase in recent weeks of the number of people who have tested positive.

“It is important we do all we can to keep numbers as low as possible. In line with government guidance, please do not meet in groups of more than six people. It is also important to continue to wash your hands regularly, keep socially distanced, wear a face mask where appropriate and get tested when you have symptoms.

“I am very grateful to all residents for their continued efforts to ensure the county remains safe. We have done so well to control the spread of COVID-19 in the county up until now and we are keen to keep it that way to ensure we can #KeepWestSussexSafe.”

Click here for more information.

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