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Police extend Section 60 Order till Saturday morning

The extension was done from 11am today (Fri 31st May).



Expect to continue to see a high presence of police around the town till Saturday.

An extension of the Section 60 Order means that officers will be doing more and more stop/checks on motorcyclists and they enter the area.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said:

“Various locations are being used for stop/checks with passing groups of motorcyclists, allowing officers to engage with riders and distribute multi-lingual leaflets advising on UK laws.”

Responding to questions about the number of officers being seen to stop groups of biker they added:

“Such groups can number up to 30 or 40 at a time, so it is important that sufficient resources are available to minimise any delay.”


Report reveals Airbus missed drone by just metres at Gatwick Airport

The crew claim that had autopilot been on then they could have collided with the drone.



A report just released has revealed that an Airbus A320 narrowly avoided hitting a drone as it came in to land at Gatwick Airport back in the summer.

This is the second narrow miss reported by crew as they came in to land at Gatwick this year. In April another A320 crew reported having to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

This occasion the drone was much closer though.

The report by the UK Airprox Board says that the A320 pilot was in the late stages of a manual ILS approach into Gatwick.

Interestingly it also says that the crew had taken on extra fuel dure to reports of drone activtity in the London area and also by the controller.

As the plane descended past 350ft the captain called out “drone” which both crew saw being slightly left ahead of them.

The crew were able to keep visual contact with the drone as they flew past but the drone was only 100m away and at the same height as the plane.

The crew were unable to make an evasive manoevre due to the speed of the event and they later reported that if the plane had still been on autopilot then they believed there was a high probablity they would have struck the drone.

The first officer, a drone enthusiast, identified the drone as a DJI Inspire.

The incident happened on the 8th July and was classed as a category A which is the highest risk category given.

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