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Police apologise after ‘misunderstanding’ as tweet appears to ‘dictate’ what you shouldn’t buy legally at Christmas (but post stays up)



The sentiment was clear but the execution caused outrage from some residents with one resident asking how they had the right to ‘dictate’ about something that was legal to purchase.

The Roads Policing Unit for Surrey posted a tweet that appeared to make it clear what people should not buy at Christmas.

The post was then retweeted by Crawley Police.

The tweet, which has remained up, said:

But some residents pointed out the fact that, whilst they understood that the police were trying to highlight how the scooters could only be used on private land, the wording came across as though they had the right to tell people what they could or could not buy that was perfectly legal.

Sarah from Maidenbower said:

“It’s hard enough trying to work out what to buy at Christmas as it is but who gave them the right to dictate to us. They are not illegal to buy. It’s like saying don’t buy a saucepan because it’s illegal to hit someone with it.”

Reaction to the post however did highlight a lot of peoples dismay at the escooters with one posting:

“They should be banned a hazard on our roads to them selves motorists and pedestrians. They ridden without due care and attention.”

Surrey Police apologised in a statement saying:

We would like to apologise for any misunderstanding caused by our tweet in relation to buying an electric scooter for Christmas.

The tweet was intended to explain the legal restrictions in relation to electric scooters.

We would like to clarify that while it is legal to buy an electric scooter, it is illegal for scooters to be used on a public road, footpath or tracks under current government legislation. As such they can only be used on private land or in a garden, unless registered as part of the Government’s ‘Future Transport Zones’ trial.

You can read more on this trial and what it means for the use of electric scooters on the Government website here.

But despite the apology the tweet has remained up.

Sussex Police have been approached for comment.


Police drop investigation in alleged bullying of Oriel High School boy



Sussex Police have confirmed they have made the decision to drop an investigation into an incident of alleged bullying.

The investigation was launched following an outcry from concerned residents when a video emerged on social media.

The video has since been taken down from most social media accounts.

Earlier Susses Police had confirmed they had launched an investigation into the incident and were liaising with Oriel High School.

Now it appears their investigation has turned up new information which has led to their decision to drop the police’s involvement and hand it over to the school.

A statement from Sussex Police said:

“Police have investigated the circumstances surrounding a video on social media showing the alleged bullying of a boy by fellow students from Oriel High School in Maidenbower, Crawley.

As a result, the matter has been passed to the school for any action they feel is appropriate.”

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