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Petition almost doubles overnight as residents fight back against planned loss of right turn from Three Bridges Station

Three Bridges Station has had plans awaiting approval for a large renovation of the station, parking and access ways.



Artist impression of what the station access could look like.

Since the proposals were announced many residents noticed how the right hand turn from the station was to be removed.

According to the proposals drawn up, the planners had deemed that not enough people left the station in an easterly direction and that those that did would now only have to drive almost up to a mile in order to access a roundabout and return in the direction they originally wanted.

The proposal states that any right (east) turn out of the station will no longer be made available and those wishing to head in that direction will now have two choices. The first will be to drive all the way Haslett Ave and go around the Holiday Inn and Harvester before coming back on yourself, whilst the alternative is to head down Hazelwick Ave and use the rounabout outside Tesco to turn around.

Whilst the proposal suggests this would only add minutes to a journey it does not state how much extra this would cost those using taxis or the added fuel cost that would add up with every day use.

A epetition against this change went live on Crawley Council’s website and by the 5th Jan had amassed over 300 signatures. But in just under 24hrs this number has risen to over 650.

The changes in the proposal are scheduled for a debate in the next full council which is scheduled in Febuary before it will then head for a final decision.

The full proposal document can be viewed by clicking here.

The epetition against the proposed loss of right hand turn is available here.


Covid-19: Crawley businesses come together to support the local community



Local businesses in Crawley have come together to provide vital support to Crawley Borough Council’s community food supply aid efforts.  

Late last week, Councillor Peter Lamb, with the help of BBC Sussex, Steve Sawyer from Manor Royal BID and Reverend Steve Burston from St John’s Church, sent out a call for help from businesses who were able to assist with the coordination of a distribution centre by providing access to forklift vehicles, pallet trucks and by donating supplies of cardboard boxes and food, as well as offering staff time.

A number of businesses responded, including:

  • Gatwick Forklifts – 12 pallet trucks, vans and an articulated lorry
  • Viridor – forklift, skips and pallet trucks
  • Transvalair – forklifts, pallet trucks and distribution vehicles
  • – supply of cardboard boxes
  • DHL – cardboard boxes
  • M&S Food Hall, Acorn Retail Park – cardboard boxes and surplus food
  • Higgidy Ltd – cardboard boxes
  • UK Harvest50 crates of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Gatwick Handling – forklift and pallet trucks and picked up the goods from Aldi
  • Sussex Camper Vans – van for cardboard box delivery.

The council is very grateful to the ALDI store in Acorn Retail Park, with whom it has partnered to provide basic and essential food supplies for the town’s most vulnerable residents.

Managed by council staff and contractors, the distribution hub will receive and manage food and other essential items from suppliers, action requests from the Help Hub team, pick and pack items and deliver parcels directly to people in their homes.

The Help Hub is a single point of contact for vulnerable residents, connecting them with help from council teams or the wide range of voluntary and charitable activity in the town. They will also support community pharmacies to directly deliver medical supplies where needed and call our most vulnerable residents to check on them.

Leader of the council, Councillor Peter Lamb, said:

“I am extremely grateful for the support of all the local businesses, who have donated their time and resources in assisting us in setting up the distribution hub.

“It is vital we that we support our most vulnerable residents during this difficult time and the distribution hub will ensure they can stay safe inside their homes and have access to the supplies they need.”

Executive Director of Manor Royal Business District, Steve Sawyer, said:

“It’s never been more important for us to pull together as a town. The council is doing a great job supporting our most vulnerable and it was brilliant to see how willingly Manor Royal companies stepped up when called on for help.”

Reverend Steve Burston from St John’s Church said:

“We are in strange and trying times, but the way businesses and volunteers from charities and Crawley Borough Council have joined together so quickly has been a great example of how our local community comes together to love our neighbours – we will need that love in the coming weeks.

“Thank you to Dan at Sussex Camper Vans for the use of a van, to our #LoveYourNeighbour volunteers who picked up the boxes, to James at Higgidy Ltd for thousands of boxes and for the amazing Crawley Borough Council team at K2 Crawley.”

If you are vulnerable and need assistance, please call 01293 438000 between 8.30am-5pm. Alternatively, you can email or complete an e-form

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