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Peter Lamb: “Employ Crawley” is here



In his article this week, Crawley Council Leader Peter Lamb talks about the new initiative “Employ Crawley”.

Delivering better life chances, for people of all ages, is the core of
my work as a Labour council leader.


Since becoming Leader, I have sought to achieve this through focusing
the council’s efforts on the three things which have the greatest
impact upon people’s life chances: jobs, housing and community. Of
these things, the area the council has the least control over is
employment, yet nothing has so great impact an upon people’s life

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While Crawley has historically been blessed with low unemployment, we
have the second highest jobs density in the country outside London,
over the years much of the skilled employment in light industry has
been replaced with lesser skilled and consequently lower paid roles.
Well-paid work does still exist in the town, but far too many of these
positions are currently taken up by those commuting into the area
rather than residents and the growth of internet shopping and
automation means the jobs currently employing Crawley workers are
increasingly at risk.

Our goal is to not only help people into work but to access better
careers, whether it’s a first job or a last. That’s why we
restructured the council to create an economic development team, with
a dedicated Head of Service, and created the town’s first Jobs and
Skills Plan, detailing clear steps for addressing the jobs gap. Last
week, the first of the plan’s cornerstone projects ‘Employ Crawley’
was launched, a new service to help Crawley residents to access the
jobs, skills and training support they need to get onto a better
career path. It’s a first step, not a last.

Crawley has one of the UK’s most vibrant economies, Crawley Labour is
determined our residents will get a fairer share of the benefits. It’s
an ambitious goal, but one we believe in.


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One year, two friends and a growing agency. The future of recruitment has arrived in Crawley



A year ago two friends were chatting, as friends tend to do, about life and work and in particular about whether they should go into business together. That dream scenario most people think about but very few actually decide to undertake.


Only a couple of months after that first conversation, the same two friends were registering a company name, handing their notice in to their bosses and looking ahead to starting the scary journey of company ownership.

That was back in 2018. Now, in January 2020, their company has just completed an exceptionally successful first year of trading and they are beginning the new year with larger offices, new staff and a client roster that is growing exponentially.

This is the world that Daniel James and Tommy Durville have created and it is an ambitious, enthusiastic and highly motivated one that you cannot help but want to be a part of.

Recruitment agencies can have a stigma in the same way that estate agents do. Images of Rolex dangling, Armani wearing youngsters whos only interest is meeting a target that will allow them to impress whoever is next on their radar.

Ok, this is an extreme but be under no illusion the stigma is there, which is why it is not just refreshing to find a new approach to this industry but it is a huge relief.


Recruitment agencies, particularly ones that specialise in specific areas need to have dedicated staff that not only have a list of potential candidates available to them, but who actually understand what these candidates are capable of, not just a quick over view of their CV.

In turn they also need to do something that many companies have complained about for years when it comes to using an agency, they need to listen to their clients needs.

This is where Daniel and Tommy have done something that really is shaking the industry by its Hugo Boss lapels.

Onero is these two ambitious friends agency that doesn’t just ‘try’ to be different, it’s whole aim is to ‘always’ be.

Named after the latin word that signifies ownership and means to ‘take away a burden’, Onero has set itself apart from other agencies by doing something very simple yet exceptionally effective. They dedicate time.

To Onero it is not about sending out mass quantities of CV’s to a client looking to fullfil a particular role. It is about sending only a few, but knowing that every single one is a potential new employee.

How is this done? With time. With research. With listening. With real passion to fulfill the needs of a client who knows exactly what they are looking for and is desperate to find the right person.

Remember, recruitment agencies are not cheap. But there is a reason a company will use one and not try themselves.

The two guys proudly recant a recent case where a client asked them to find someone for a particular role. The company had already found six candidates themselves so Onero was under pressure.

Daniel and Tommy decided to send just one person up against the other six.

Who got the role? Of course, Onero’s!

Daniel explains:

“We are not going to work by stats and figures. I mean, lots of companies will send CV after CV hoping that by the sheer numbers one will be right. What’s the point in that? It’s wasting everyones time. We research, we listen and understand what is needed and by doing all that we find the right people so that the only problem our clients will have is a choice of who to employ.”

It is this transparancy that has seen the first year of Onero be a success and allow them to move into larger officers in Manor Royal, Crawley, as well as take on new staff to maintain their growing roster.

The two owners, who once dreamed of being a pilot and a dentist, have a new vision. Specialising within the engineering and technological sectors these friends, now colleagues, have started Onero with an ambition and ethic that is second to none and one that is outshining others and for good reason.

This is how agencies should be and after the success of year one, it is with baited breath that we all watch what year two will bring.

You can find out more about Onero at their website by clicking here or going to

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