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Over 1/2 of Crawley residents prepared to make ‘significant’ lifestyle changes to save the environment, reveals survey

Climate change, or global warming is a hot topic. We are all aware there are certain things we could be doing to help alleviate the issue but how much are we actually prepared to do?



A nation-wide survey of 3,000 Brits by Modular Classrooms has revealed that over half (60%) of Crawley residents say they are prepared to ‘make significant lifestyle changes’ – this includes things like eating less meat or using their cars less – to fight climate change. In fact, this is 3% above the national average of 57%.

One of the most promising statistics to emerge from the survey is that people are determined that the next generation contribute to saving the planet. They are, after all, more likely to experience and inherit the consequences of global warming. 78% of parents believe that at some point, it is important for their children to be educated on sustainability and the preservation of the environment.

Modular Classrooms asked parents’ opinions on the ideal age for children to start learning about these issues and how to combat them in an environmentally-friendly manner. Overall, the majority of parents in the UK felt nursery and reception (age 3 to 5) is the most appropriate time for children to be taught about the environment. In Crawley, however, parents feel it would be more useful if children waited until they were at years 3-6 (age 7-11)  before being educated on these issues.

To find out how each part of the UK compared on both of these questions, see the interactive map here:

As a result, it’s perhaps no surprise that the survey also found 60% of parents admit they would be influenced when selecting a school based on its environmental credentials. That is, a school that encourages recycling or teaches learners about environmental impact. In fact, when sending children to school it was found that for 54% of parents the most important environmental factor to consider is if the building is sustainably constructed. This was followed by: the building being energy efficient (22%), providing recycling bins (20%) and vegetarian or vegan options being provided in the canteen (4%).

Encouragingly, it seems as though children are already beginning to take note of how we impact the environment, as one-third of parents say their kids have educated them at times on eco issues, such as recycling. Almost three-quarters of parents say they try to lead by example when it comes to teaching kids about taking care of the planet. And 47% admit that they try to purchase products without plastic wrapping while grocery shopping, which is a great example for younger generations to follow.

While recycling isn’t a common process in every school in the UK, 80% of parents said they have faith that if recycling bins were provided, pupils would make a conscious effort to make use of them. 

The survey also found 41% of Brits believe that more careers are now available for young people should they wish to study environmental science as part of their education.

It’s encouraging to see that so many people are willing to make changes to their lives to safeguard not only their future, but the future of their children.” says Mark Brown of Modular Classrooms . “We can all do our bit, and what children learn in the classroom will have a big impact.”


Furniture Village opens its doors in Crawley’s County Oak Retail Park



Crawley welcomes Furniture Village who will open a brand-new store in County Oak retail park this Boxing Day.

The new location offers a Carpetright concession, providing a one-stop-shop for customers looking to update their homes.

Visitors to the new Furniture Village store will be invited to create their ‘home in one’, by exploring collections for every room of the house, from sofas to beds to dining.

Charlie Harrison, Commercial Director at Furniture Village, comments:

“With much of the UK under lockdown, I’m delighted we’ve been able to open our new store in Crawley. County Oak is a fantastic shopping destination and the ideal choice for Furniture Village.

“It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but I am incredibly proud of the Furniture Village team which continues to offer industry-leading quality, choice and service. As well as Family Retailer of the Year, we’ve also been awarded National Bed Retailer of the Year so I’m particularly looking forward to welcoming customers to our new bed department.”

The store will see a team of 11 expert sales consultants offering valuable insights and advice to customers, all made possible thanks to enhanced Covid-19 safety measures.

These include temperature checks, PPE for all staff and hand sanitisation stations, along with an appointment booking system which can be accessed via the website.

Charlie Harrison, Commercial Director at Furniture Village, adds:

“Customer safety is still, and will continue to be, a priority for us. The feedback from all of our existing stores continues to be overwhelmingly positive, with the appointment booking system providing reassurance and exceptional service for customers.”

The store will open at 9am on Saturday 26th December 2020. Opening offers include Sale discounts of up to 50% plus an additional £50 off every £500 spent.

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