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Now you see it, now you don’t. Mystery of yellow lines in Northgate solved and corrected

The painted double yellow lines that appeared crossing a footpath bamboozled West Sussex County.



Photo: Barry Pelham

But now the mystery has not only been solved it has been rectified as well.

Crawley Homes who are a division of Crawley Council and who look after the council homes and sheltered accommodation came forward and said it was they that had done the work.

Resident Barry Pelham who first brought the lines to our attention caught the moment the council turned up to rectify the situation.

Video by Barry Pelham

When questioned about their actions a spokesperson said:

“The aim was to try to prevent people parking on the pavement that was causing problems for people and in particular the elderly in the sheltered housing from accessing their homes. However, after a discussion with West Sussex County Council we have agreed to remove the lines that cross over the entrance way.”

And remove them they did.

Within a day of our story going out the Crawley Council team had already been to the site and removed the lines that crossed the path and went onto the road.

But Crawley Homes did raise a very valuable issue and one that there has yet to be a solution for, parking.

With more and more homes, both houses and flats, being built in the town the issue is only going to get worst and despite numerous debates within council meetings there has to be a workable solution.


B&M to open on 13th April in County Mall Crawley and there are jobs available!

It will be the second B&M store for the town and will open in the former BHS site.



It will certainly be a welcome boost to the local economy as a brand new store opens in the town.

Opening at 9am on Saturday 13th April, more than 50 jobs are being created.

A spokesperson from B&M said:

“We’re feeling really positive about the creation of more jobs for local people and we hope customers are going to be delighted with their new store.

“We are all really excited to get the doors open and welcome our new customers through the door in the a few weeks.”

Job roles are now advertised on the B&M careers website and range from sales assistant, to floor managers and cleaners.

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