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New Laser Gaming centre next to Crawley opens and it’s incredible

The new gaming centre has built an entire town for gamers to battle in.



When you think of laser tag you think of a dark room built like a maze, some with various levels and hideaways to duck behind before you are able to sneak up and take some shots at your opponents.

Well one new company has turned all that on its head and created something so unique it has to be experienced to be believed.

Pilgrims Academy in Salfords trains people all over the world to protect themselves in combat and hostile situations.

Their reception is awash with awards showing just how good they are at what they do and with their international blue chip list of clients you can see that they have the global respect second to none.

Now they have added gaming to their list of activities, but when your staff are made up of ex-military marines and soldiers then you know it is going to be something ‘very’ different. In-fact just by looking at the artwork they have created for the brand tells you this is exciting stuff.

Line Of Fire is their new brand and it takes console games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, shakes them up and lets people play scenarios like the games in the real world.

There is nothing similar to any other Laser Gaming centre anywhere and this is evident when you arrive at the incredibly impressive academy off the A23 in Salfords.

The bright, smart entrance leads you into a spotless waiting area with a canteen full of energy delights to tempt you. And boy will you need the energy for what comes next.

Whilst the entrance may resemble more of a corporate office it hides what is truely waiting for you.

Your debrief is held in one of the armouries they have and with a choice of guns to choose from (A heavy metal machine gun complete with sniper scope or for the younger players a plastic version that is no less impressive.)

No body pack to wear which was a relief, instead you are given a head set and talked through the safety briefing.

But it is when they open the door and lead you into the town that EVERYTHING changes.

When we say they have built a town, we mean they have actually built a whole town!

Whilst we were not allowed to photograph too much so it didn’t give anything away we can tell you this;

There is a two storey hotel complete with reception area. A coffee shop sits in the town square awaiting customers. The police station is complete with jail cells round the corner from the taxi office and opposite the medical centre where patients lie awaiting treatment.

A dentist surgery is above the market place and across the road from the local garage where dogs bark loudly as you walk by. The town hall sits opposite a row of flats and smaller shops where you buy your groceries. And so it goes on.

Awaiting deployment into the town.

This isn’t an arena, this is a complete duplication of a war torn town and is not realistic, it is actually real.

Suddenly your mind changes from chasing after people shooting aimlessly to being extremely strategic. Working out if the best place to hide is behind a car parked up in the street or by taking position within one of the hotels bedrooms overlooking the square.

But it’s not just the look of the town that is impressive. They have built in sounds and smells to recreate almost any situation you can imagine.

The guns look and feel realistic and the sniper scope means your can be incredibly accurate.

Fighter jets fly over head as explosions go off in the next street. Your mind is accelerated to a higher level as you are no longer a player, you are a survivor and must hone your skills to battle through.

With your heart racing non-stop throughout the short campaign there has never been such a physical and emotional experience like it.

Whilst they cater for anyone aged 8 upwards, this is an experience that would really appeal to adults as well who are into their gaming or want to experience what a battle would be like.

With a taster launch day on the 9th Feb they are allowing anyone to book a game for only £5, but even the full price of £8 is of great value when you come away feeling this exhilarated.

The team have created packages for everyone, from kids parties (and what a party that would be) right through to team building exercises for corporate clients and with a long list already signed up it wont be long before word travels fast of what an incredible experience has opened up right here for everyone to try.

You can find more information about them or book a game or party at their website

So, how do we sum up this experience? Easy, we’ve just booked our four games already.

Health & Wellbeing

It’s Breathe Easy Week as Council suggest ways to improve air quality

As part of Breathe Easy Week (17-21 June) West Sussex County Council is asking us to make positive changes to our lifestyles in order to improve air quality where we live and work.



These include:

• Walking and cycling for short journeys;
• Gently braking and accelerating smoothly when driving;
• Considering switching to electric vehicles;
• Composting organic waste instead of burning it.

The county council is committed to improving air quality and is a long standing member of the Sussex-air Partnership, which offers a free airAlert service.

Sussex airAlert sends you messages – either by text, voice mail or email – when air pollution levels in your area increase to moderate levels or above. Find out more at

Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“It is often difficult to appreciate the importance of air quality as it can’t be seen.

“Through the choices we make about how we travel and how we heat our homes, we can all make a positive difference to improving the air quality in our county.

“Walking and cycling on short journeys will cut pollution, and there is the added bonus of getting exercise which is good for your physical and mental health.

“Improving air quality is a priority for the County Council – but we can’t do it without the help of our residents.”

Breathe Easy Week is a national initiative and follows the launch of the county council’s major new ‘West Sussex Climate Pledge’ online campaign earlier this month.

The Climate Pledge campaign asks West Sussex residents to make small but positive changes to their everyday lives. Visit to find out more and make your pledge.

Breathe Easy Week coincides with this year’s Clean Air Day on Thursday (June 20). For more information on Clean Air Day, visit

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