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Met office raises warning level to Amber for Crawley as Storm Dennis approaches



Storm Dennis is making its way across the Atlantic very quickly and with the news earlier in the week that the storm was due to hit the area at the weekend it meant a second weekend of wind and rain problems.

A yellow warning was issued earlier for wind and rain but now the Met office has raised the warning of rain from yellow to amber.

flooding in crawley
Previously flooding has affected many roads through Crawley

The Amber warning is from 00:15 through to 18:00 on Sunday 16th Feb and is in addition to the yellow warning for wind already in place.

The Met office says that the Amber warning means that the storm is likely to bring very heavy rain fall which is likely to lead to flooding and much disruption to travel across the whole weekend.

With some areas of Crawley still struggling with flooding this news will only add to the distress and disruption already seen so far.


First Covid-19 now Crawley’s MP has to shutdown parliamentary system as malware virus strikes



If it wasn’t hard enough working during the coronavirsu shutdown, now another virus has struck causing even more problems.

A malware virus has struck the office of Crawley’s MP Henry Smith.

The issue has meant that his office has had to shudown their parliamentary systems.

Mr Smith and his colleagues are confident that they are still able to respond to emails from residents albeit with some delay.

But delays in bringing the system back online could be hampered by the Easter Holidays. An insider insinuated that they hoped the system would be sorted by Good Friday but it was going to be hard work due to the lockdown.

Commenting on the situation Mr Smith said:

“Ironically my parliamentary system has had to be shut down due to a malware virus. As you will appreciate during this CV19 period I’m handling hundreds of cases in remote circumstances already. This just got more challenging, so please factor in if contacting me for assistance.”

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