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Major concern as Crawley Council confirm excrement found on children’s slides was human

What was originally thought to be dog excrement has now been identified as human.



On the 19th Aug we ran a story about dog faces found spread along the length of two children’s slides in two separate play areas, one in Gainsborough playing fields and one in Furnace Green.

Now the council has confirmed that in-fact the excrement was NOT an animals but was human.

You can read the original story here.

Tilgate Councillor Francis Guidera said:

I am shocked that this has been identified as human waste. I don’t think any of us could ever understand why someone would want to do this.

John Fox sent in this photo of the toddler slide in Furnace Green.

Once discovered the council immediately cordoned off the areas and sent in a cleaning team to ensure that the slides were safe for children to use.

One Tilgate resident said:

“It’s obvious to me that whoever did this thought it was funny but let’s face it there’s nothing funny when a kid gets seriously ill because they touched it.”

Some of the infections that can be transmitted through human faeces include cholera and diarrhea (also or dysentery) such as E coli diarrhea, salmonella or shigella.

There are also viral infections that can be transmitted including rotavirus, norovirus (which causes food poisoning on cruise ships), and hepatitis A and E.

Parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium, and various different kinds of worms including pinworms, ascariasis and tapeworms can also be transmitted.

Anyone taking their children to play areas are being asked to be vigilant in case of repeat offences.

Crawley Council and Crawley police have been contacted for more information on what action is being taken to both investigate the incidents and to prevent any repetition.


Aged 9-15? Auditions announced for this years panto at The Hawth

The Hawth, in partnership with Evolution Productions are looking for girls to be part of the Juvenile Ensemble for their spectacular pantomime, DICK WHITTINGTON this Christmas!



Registration will take place at 10am on Saturday 22 June 2019 at The Hawth.

To audition you must be between the ages 9–15 (inclusive) on 1 September 2019 and be under 5’ 2”.

Producers say that auditions will end approximately 2 hours after the start time but you may need to stay longer if you are successful.

You don’t need to prepare anything – you’ll be taught a routine on the day. They ask you come wearing comfortable clothes and soft/dance shoes and advise that you bring some water, but no other food or drink.

They added, “Pantomime is a huge team effort, and we will require full commitment for the rehearsal period and the full run of the production (Monday 25 November 2019 – Sunday 5 January 2020).”

Click here to download an audition registration form.

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