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M23 closed after serious accident as traffic is cleared north and southbound



A serious accident involving three cars and a motorcyclist has caused the closure of the M23 in both directions between Jnc 8 (M25) and Jnc 9 (Gatwick).

As a result Highways Agency has said it is clearing the motorway of all traffic and sending southbound traffic back to Jnc 8 whilst northbound traffic is to be diverted via Jnc 10 (Crawley)

It is hoped the northbound carriage way will be able to be reopened after incident screens have been erected around the incident.

The Southbound carriageway is expected to remain closed for much longer and those wishing to use the M23 southbound from Jnc8 are asked to follow the “Hollow Diamond” diversion symbol which will take drivers to Jnc 6 on the M25 and down the A22.

For those travelling northbound, drivers are asked to come off at Jnc10 on M23 and follow “Solid Square” diversion symbol which will take them northbound on the A22.


Two weeks of delays as work starts to refurbish traffic lights on Gatwick Road, Crawley after flooding



Flood damage has prompted the need for traffic light refurbishment work at the Gatwick Road/Beehive Ring Road junction in Crawley.

Periodic, localised flooding of the neighbouring watercourse has damaged the existing equipment. The controller will now be relocated and a full upgrade of the traffic signals’ heads and push buttons will also be carried out.

Work is scheduled to start today (Monday, 30 November) and likely to take about two weeks.

Temporary traffic lights in operation for the protection of the public and workforce and delays are likely. If possible, motorists are advised to seek alternative routes, particularly during peak periods.

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said:

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will do all we can to try to minimise this as much as possible.”

The work, including the upgrades, will cost about £60,000.

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