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How long can Gatwick sustain its growth without a second runway?



The latest news from britains second busiest airport is certainly impressive.

Over 2.8 million passengers travelled through the airport last month alone and there are no signs of a slow-down from the goliath that is Gatwick Airport.

These record-breaking announcements are being more and more frequent from the airport, particularly following months and months of renovations and additional services, particularly within the security and immigration channels.

But how long can this growth continue before the desire for a second runway becomes essential?

Gatwick has long pushed their transatlantic routes and recent figures now show that US routes are recording the highest growth with New York showing a huge increase of over 51% while Boston even grew by over 30%.

A statement from the CEO Stewart Wingate includes:

As we approach five consecutive years of growth, Gatwick continues to play an increased role for Britain on the global stage and we stand ready to build our financeable and deliverable second runway scheme for the country

Wingate mentions how ready they are for a second runway and with growth figures like these it’s no wonder.

The airports Asia routes are up over 42% and even cargo rose by an astonishing 29.6% illustrating their booming long-haul network.

But as it stands at the moment with only one runway is this continual growth not going to come to an abrupt end soon?

Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond seems to think so, he said:

“Since the current owners took over in 2009 we’ve seen a 50% growth in passenger numbers and a very welcome growth in freight which is important to our business community, however, we must be approaching the moment when that single runway is at full capacity, if we haven’t already.

Looking at the way in which the case for Heathrow becomes thinner every day surely now is the time for government to work with Gatwick to allow further capacity at the worlds most efficient single runway airport so that we can make the most of global opportunities facing a post Brexit Britain.”

Gatwick declined to comment any further on how close the airport was to capacity but if reports continue with growth figures as they stand then it does not take a genius to realise that there the limit cannot be far away.

Remember, Boeing has a new maintenance centre and with new routes launching all the time the clock is ticking before a sign is printed saying:

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