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Local residents asked to help save original pub in Crawley Down

The Save the Pub Team in Crawley Down are asking local residents for support as the application to convert the plot to a smaller pub and 8 flats is being considered by MSDC.



L-R, Tim Burberry, Mark Dixon, Mike Barter, Peter Mills, Hannah Billings, John Sullivan

The Royal Oak Pub in Crawley Down (on the Worth way) has been closed since Feb 2015 leaving the 6000 resident community without a pub.

To residents it also removed a stop for walkers and cyclists where they could have for a drink, lunch or a rest while on the Worth Way.

It has been at the very heart of the village from the very beginning and a much loved landmark in the village.

When it was open it used to be the focal point for social events, celebrations, street parties and Christmas festivities. With its history going back to the arrival of the Railway and the start of the growth of the community in Crawley Down.

To many it is probably the most important heritage building in the village.

But a recent application for planning will see the original pub reduce in size and the remaining land around it turned into flats.

Proposed front
Proposed side

The team are insisting that MSDC demand a viability study for the new pub and say:

“It is not possible to say whether the pub will work with a smaller footprint, no beer garden, no parking and surrounded by 8 flats whose residents may not appreciate live bands, quizzes and beer festivals, all of which help make a pub viable”

They are asking local residents to help them with support against the application.

More information can be found on their website here or on their facebook page here.


Crawley council ask if you want the town to continue to have an alcohol PSPO to prevent anti-social behaviour



It has been mistaken in the past as an order to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in a public place, but the PSPO is in-fact a tool to allow police and council officers to request an individual to stop consuming and to hand over alcohol in their posession in order to prevent nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

The current Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) expires in October this year, 2020.

Now the council is asking residents and business owners in the town whether they want to see another PSPO activated for another three years.

The map shows the boundary the PSPO will cover.

In a release Crawley Council say;

“Crawley Borough Council is proposing to implement a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) under Section 59 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, designating the area of Crawley edged in blue on the plan referred to in the PSPO as a restricted area for alcohol related anti-social behaviour, for 3 years. The PSPO will be a tool available to the police and council to reduce the impact that alcohol related nuisance and anti-social behaviour has on the community of Crawley.

There is currently an Alcohol PSPO in place which expires in October, this transitioned from a Designed Public Places Order (Consumption of Intoxicating Liquor) in 2017. The Designated Public Places Order had been in place since 2006. The new PSPO would replace the current PSPO when it expires.
The Order will prohibit the consumption of alcohol in a public place where it is associated with nuisance and anti-social behaviour or it is believed it will lead to nuisance and anti-social behaviour. The Order will give the police and authorised council officers the power to request an individual to stop drinking and hand over any open or sealed container(s) believed to contain alcohol. It will be an offence for anyone to engage in the activity prohibited by the PSPO, when asked to stop. Both the police and council officers will be able to enforce the order and issue fixed penalty notices.”

If you would like to support or object to the propsal then you can do so by filling out a short questionnaire by clicking here.

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