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Local coffee shop gives life ban to Crawley MP after voting against extending free school meals



A Crawley coffee shop has given a lifetime ban to the towns MP, Henry Smith, in a defiant stand against what they called a act of ‘ discrimination and lack of humanity’.

Ridleys coffee shop, based in Worth Park, made the decision over the weekend, announcing it on their facebook page yesterday 25th Oct.

In making the decision they said:

“We stand with Marcus Rashford and every single one of you who are raising awareness and finding ways to get food to hungry children.

We are barring Henry Smith MP from Ridleys for life – this kind of discrimination and lack of humanity is not welcome and never will be.”

Whilst the majority of the responses appeared to support the move, several customers admitted they felt it wasn’t right for a business to make, what they called, a political statement.

One customer replied to their decision with:

“Hey Ridley’s, please don’t get political. It’s so lovely to have your place up the road and local. Whatever the rights and wrongs, please leave politics out.”

And in response to another comment from a customer Ridleys in Crawley said:

“We made the decision based on how best we can support the vulnerable children affected by this man’s decision. We understand not everyone who voted conservative would vote against free child meals, and this is indeed why we chose to ban the man who did. We do think their is a great need for business and businesses to engage in politics, as indeed they already do and are a part of our society, we can’t see a way in which they could ever be separated.”

Henry Smith MP has been approached for comment.


Police drop investigation in alleged bullying of Oriel High School boy



Sussex Police have confirmed they have made the decision to drop an investigation into an incident of alleged bullying.

The investigation was launched following an outcry from concerned residents when a video emerged on social media.

The video has since been taken down from most social media accounts.

Earlier Susses Police had confirmed they had launched an investigation into the incident and were liaising with Oriel High School.

Now it appears their investigation has turned up new information which has led to their decision to drop the police’s involvement and hand it over to the school.

A statement from Sussex Police said:

“Police have investigated the circumstances surrounding a video on social media showing the alleged bullying of a boy by fellow students from Oriel High School in Maidenbower, Crawley.

As a result, the matter has been passed to the school for any action they feel is appropriate.”

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